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So all I need to do is put the Dynamat on the driver and the cotton/plastic cup in the earpads? I think that you originally suggested some additional "filler" between the driver and the wood... do you still recommend this, or do you think the Dynamat is enough?

As to waiting, well... I've never been patient.
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The problem is, from looking at the pics, I would *guess* that the D2000's ear cups are slightly thinner than the D5000s which means less space behind the driver butt and the back of the ear cup. This *could* affect the sonic signature of the mod, I have never mod-ed a D2000 so can't say for sure. I tried placing an additional layer of dynamt behind the butt of the driver of the D5000 and got major bass suck-out. I was told by someone I was communicating with that changing the amount of space behind the driver and inside the cup can change the Q of the driver response. Now I don't know what "Q" is, but I do know what bass suck-out is.

Here is what I advise you start with in terms of Dynamat:

A full single layer in the ear cup (if there is less space behind the butt in the D2000 as I suspect, you may want to leave a little hole in the middle of the dynamat behind the butt of the driver):

Notice in the above pic the little ring of dynamat around the butt of the driver, too. You also MUST leave a hole in the middle of the Dynamt you apply to the top part of the driver butt. there is a hole there that has to be able to allow air to pass.

Do you have Fiberloft? If so, apply a VERY thin dusting of it inside the earcup. Pull it apart so its very light and airy, do not cram a lot of it in there. Ztake what you think is the right amount and then remove half of it (I'm not kidding don't use too much), hollowing out a little extra space behind the butt of the driver.

Seal it up and try that first. If you like what you hear, you are done. If you still feel there's too much bass wobbling and farting, only then add the extra strips of Dynamt that are pictured later in this thread.


Please nobody else try the mod until I get it 100%. Thanks!
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Thanks for everything! I'll post pics as I go along.

BTW, it's a 5000 I'm modding.
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Hey, here's some interesting stuff (no pun intended)--

Adjusting the filling is the last step in getting bass right,
and is used mostly to fine-tune the system Qtc and resonance.
As increasing amounts of polyester are added to a sealed box,
the resonance and Q gradually go down. This can be shown
mathematically to be due in roughly equal parts to the effects
of simple resistive damping and isothermal conversion. At some
point, a minimum is reached, and further material reverses the
trend by taking up volume. An experienced designer can find the
optimum amount of fill in a few trials by monitoring the
impedance versus frequency curve as stuffing is added or
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Hi markl, I've read all your thoughts on the denon ah-d5000 and I'm
curious about the R10 comment. Do you feel the denon has better
resolution than the sony? and how do the hd650s compare to them?
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Depends on how you define resolution. They are pretty equal in that department overall (and close to untouched among other phones in this department), but the R10 has a greater sense of air and space. The Denon is less gariny and gritty. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

As for the Senns, don't even insert them in the same conversation, I poop on them.
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Originally Posted by markl View Post

As for the Senns, don't even insert them in the same conversation, I poop on them.
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Originally Posted by markl View Post
As for the Senns, don't even insert them in the same conversation, I poop on them.
now i know we hear things differently.
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Originally Posted by markl View Post
As for the Senns, don't even insert them in the same conversation, I poop on them.
To each their own

I happen to really like the HD650 for certain stuff... it's the can I find myself falling back on when nothing else seems to fit.
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I keed, I keed.

Look, I lived with and loved the HD580/600 for over 6 years and loved every minute of them-- until I heard something better (and that was way back in the dark ages when we had so few alternatives at the high end). They are great cans for what they are, but the R10, and the mod-ed Denons are in another class. I do not have extensive experience with teh 650, but the limited time I spent with them tells me they are yet again just another minor variation on the same basic theme Sennheiser's been selling since 1994.
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I think the HD650 are either love or hate... there doesn't seem to be much middle ground. Even with a re-cable (which helps a lot) there isn't a whole lot of high end there, but I love the bass on them. It's a very visceral can.
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Thanks markl for your response. I guess the mod-ed denons are
the cans to beat. Sorry for bringing up the senns. I had them and didnt like em either. but I'm at the brink of buying yet again another
can. I've narrowed my choices to the ATH-W5000, ATH-AD2000, AH-D5000, or the ED9s. Its really though for me to make a decision
and I 'm hoping u can help me out. cheers
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Originally Posted by musicman59 View Post
I used a headamp GS-1 with great success. I also used the Stello HP-100 but it ws to warm sounding and needing more detail.
Right now I am using a Rudistor RPX-33 and is heavenly but double that price.
I will look into the GS-1. Thanks!
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A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Markl's Denon AH-D5000, the one's he first did his experimenting on, I believe. Now that I've lived with these for a while, I thought I would post my impressions.

I've been mostly listening to them with my bedroom rig: an I-Pod>ALO Jumbo Dock>Hornet. I usually listen to this with my Grado 125 or Ety ER4S. In my big rig, I use Senn 580 with a blue dragon cable, but so far I haven't used the Denons in this rig yet.

1) The Denons are more comfortable than any of my other headphones. I can listen for hours.

2) I like and continue to like all of my headphones, the full body of the Senns, the openness of the Grados, the attack of the Etys. But the Denons are the first phones to do classical music in a satisfying way on my I-Pod/Hornet. There is natural sound, an overall rightness of sound. I've been spending a lot of time with Christoph von Dohnanyi conducting Mahler's symphony #9, and loving the richly-varied sounds that Mahler makes. As far as jazz goes, the Denons also reveal all of the snap of Roy Hayne's drums in Chick Corea's Bud Powell Tribute Band, and make for some exciting listening.

3) On my big rig, my Sennheiser 580s sound mighty good. I have a cd transport + Monarchy DAC 24 that comes through astoundingly on my modest Perreux SXH1 headphone amp. The amazing thing is that with my Hornet and Denons, I am just as happy.

4) My next step is to use my Denons in my big rig, and then after that upgrade the amp to: Ray Samuels HR-2 or XP-7 or possibly the Rudistor RPX-33.

I'll be waiting to see and hear what Mark comes up with once he does some more experimenting with the Denons.
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I have an idea here.

Cut out a ring of hard foam then place(glue) the ring of foam in between the driver housing & the cushions.
This way, the driver is farther away from the ears.
Plus the thickness of the foam can be varied so that it is thicker at the rear - the driver is not pointing directly into your ears.

Does it sound feasible?
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