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Sold :) - Meier Corda Move (in the UK)

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Meier Corda Move £92, €132 shipped in the EU, $200 shipped worldwide. Payment by Paypal.

My Move I bought from anadin in this thread
, it will come in the original box with all original accessories, jumpers, manual etc. .
I will include the 9V NiMH rechargeable battery I've been powering it with as no adaptor is supplied.

The Move is working well, cosmetically it's perfect on the outside and apart from some residue atop a few capacitors (from trialling some ERS tape) it looks great inside too. It now has about 200 hours of use, most with the amp alone.

My reason for selling is that I am raising money for a desktop amp.

a review of the Move is available at
and the Meier homepage is at

My feedback thread is
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now for sale
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price drop + bump

now £92 / €132 shipped within the EU

$200 shipped Worldwide.

payment by Paypal.
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pm's replied to
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sale pending
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amp is sold :)


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