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can change at will

and I looked at the script and that is the only gif.
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doesnt that make anyone else think it actually has nothing to do with the purported title of the page, but more to do with a visual, eye effect?

our brain types cant change that quickly if at all, let alone us all virtually seeing one way and then the other.
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Guess I'm too dumb, I've seen that pic linked to quite a few times, and every time I check it she goes clockwise for me, I can't ever make her spin counter clockwise.
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Clockwise, at first...
Really cool.
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Originally Posted by PhaedrusX View Post
can we all agree that the nipples are clearly visible?
Nice curves too

She's always spinning clockwise for me (the leg that's extended is trailing in other words).
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It doesn't have anything to do with the hemisphere that we use the majority of the time, I'm afraid. It's a pretty optical illusion, and nothing more than that.
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She only ever spins clockwise for me. This has been posted on about 4 different forums I go, so I've looked at it on 4 different days, for about 5 mins each time heh. Always clockwise, it's never once went anticlockwise. : /
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I thought I had a left and right brain?
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If you go straight to the nipples are you crotch-brained?

Actually she only spins clockwise for me.
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Originally Posted by Quaddy View Post
does the pages script simply load a identical but different rotating gif?
Save just the gif locally to be sure that it isn't javascript trickery.

I have it saved locally and I can make her change direction at will using my peripheral vision.
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Originally Posted by tek View Post
weird. the first time i saw it, the figure was spinning counter clockwise and then after i finish reading the 'definitions' at the side, i then saw her spin clockwise. Look away, and she goes back to spinning counter clockwise >.<'
exact same for me. if i concentrate i can make her spin however i please. but reading the list, i'm definitely right brained.
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actually, if you look at the shadow of her outer foot then she has to be spinning counter-clockwise, right?
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Wow, that's odd! At first she was going counterclockwise, than I started reading the text and from the corner of my eyes I noticed she turned the other way around.
Then I was thinking, maybe I can make it change with my mind so closed my eyes for a sec thinking she was going CCW and opened up and she did. Then closed my eyes again thinking she was going CW, opened them up and she was! Repeated that 5 times and it worked. After showing my bf it didn't work anymore though...real odd.
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Mostly CW, but I have seen her spin CCW a few times.

She's definitely not too tough on the eyes.
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Hahaha. That's pretty cool. I'm left brained then. Which I have been told in the past. Thanks for the link.
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