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My ATH-A900's shipped quick with good packaging and for a decent price back when I ordered them.
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My experience is NEGATIVE.
My order was delayed for at least three days. The explanation is because my shipping address/billing address are different. And the warehouse didn't spot it.
The customer service is nice. But, all I want is delivery on time. It is meant to be a birthday gift. I guess there is not much I can do about it now.
This is ridiculous! I will not order from AudioCubes again.
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My A900s were ordered a week ago. I got a processing notice on Friday only after I e-mailed them. They still have not been sent out. I will not order from Audiocubes again.
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Can't recommend Audio Cubes

Placed an order for some A900's through Audio Cubes on the 24th of September. Website mentioned nothing about the product not being available or back ordered. I sent an email asking if the product had shipped, but according to their customer service rep, they don't have weekend support so no reply was issued over the weekends.

Called this morning and a rep informed me that the person I needed to speak with was out and he took my contact information and indicated I'd be getting a return call that day. No call came. I've played email tag with this bunch all day today and finally get word that they don't know what the problem with the warehouse is and that they may be looking for more favorable exchange rates from other vendors. So customers are left to sit, wait and wonder.

Simply shoddy business. Order canceled and refund requested. If you choose to do business with them, I recommend you do it by phone and get names, product availability, etc. Personally, it will be a cold, cold day in hades before I send them another dime. Buyer beware.
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Ordered a pair of EHP-DIN11's from AudioCubes on 9/30/09. Card was charged within 2 days. Just got my headphones 25 minutes ago (today is 10/23/2009). This, after I got a FINAL NOTICE note in my mailbox saying they had tried to deliver it twice already and they would send it back to Japan if I didn't come out in the pouring rain to come get it. Will NEVER shop with them again. And that's a shame, because they have some of the coolest products I've ever seen...
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Hello Guys,

Haven't been following this thread for a while but I do see a couple negative feedbacks. I have noted them and will use them to improve our service.

Here are some feedback from us. Those of you who started with Head-Fi would know that has been around for a while since 2001 and Head-Fi users have been here to support us getting the latest headphones and other items from Japan. Sometimes our service gets spotty especially around Christmas season when the orders pile up and the warehouse cannot accommodate the orders coming in. But we do pull it through.

Now, there has been some serious issues at our warehouse starting around July and follow through up until September or so. During the time some orders were affected. So we do sincerely apologize. But things should have improved now. The downgrade in service is something for us to have to seriously deal with. We appreciate all the comments here and will continue to adjust and become more effective in what we do.

Regarding our service, any products that are ordered from are special ordered as there are many high end products we do not usually stock them. There's usually a lead time in getting the items from AC2 out to you. As far as goes, products should be shipped in a timely manner in about 1-3 days, some 3-5 days. Once the order is shipped, all of them require signatures so someone must be present to sign for the product. If not, the Postal Service (US) will be holding your item for 7 days before it is returned to us. You can always call to your nearest Post Office with the tracking number to request them to redeliver, or pick up in person. As these are coming from Japan and delivered as Express Mail, this is currently how things will delivered. As a previously advised, it's not a bad idea to give us a call to get the current shipping time on the item you intend to purchase. Generally speaking, since the items are coming out from Japan, there's a bit longer time spent in transit.

I am the person in contact so if you have any questions, feel free to call in and ask for me (Kohn). We do have 2 retail stores ( in New York City so we are not entirely web base and therefore there's always someone to help you should you have any questions.

Once again, I do apologize on behalf of our company to those customers who did not receive satisfactory service. We care about these comments whether positive or negative, and appreciate your continued support as well as the support towards the headphone community. We will try our best to bring the latest, hard to find electronics/headphones/gadgets from overseas (and in New York you can come into the store to make a purchase). If you have further questions or comments, place feel free to contact us. Our store number is 1-212-260-2269 and I can usually be reached directly during the week.
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Bought a CD3000 headband from Audiocubes2 on 22 of Sep. 


They received the payment on the day (and paypal/bank account reflect that).

The order is still 'processing' (they set the status to processing (23 sep)) and they aren't responding to my email querying the status of the order. 



I'll be contacting paypal to rescind the transaction on next Wed if I don't see the headband on my porch. Or at least hear from them with a good reason for the delay.


Not impressed at all.Replying to emails or sending updates on an order is not rocket science. Even specifying a detailed status instead of 'processing' isn't.

This is by the looks of it a recurring theme with Audiocubes. I don't understand why they can't get a uni graduate and modify the ordering system (or add a monitoring system on top) to look for orders with long processing times/alert the staff to look at the orders or pick up on any other abnormalities that may cause these issues.



Even chinese ebay sellers have better service and respond to emails more promptly/actually tell you what happens to your order. 


If you have a choice between them and somewhere else, don't pick audiocubes.

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PMed Kohn, 


If there's no reply within 24h, then it's 'F--- you audiocubes/Hope paypal transaction reversal will be easy.'

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aand it took a month and multiple emails to get the order. 


I got a sorry. but not a very inspiring one and despite me requesting to know, no real reason for the delay. and the first response was a whooping 13 days after my first email inquiry.

Apparently the headband was in stock as well. I'm really quite confused..

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Not sure if this thread is still active but here goes. I ordered a AT-HPP5N but instead I got the case that comes free with the ATH-ANC7,(Does not have netting and logo says AT noise cancelling) (Refer Image - ) I feel cheated that I did not get what I paid for and something that was probably from a refurbished headphone


Edit: I received clarification via email the same content that was posted below. Guess I hit the panic button too soon

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Hi Bottle,


As informed in our email, the original AT-HPP5 is no longer available as it was discontinued by Audio-Technica.  Our customers have demanded similar case for Audio-Technica and other headphones.  We sourced the case for ANC7 as a replacement since it's almost exactly the same.  We have labeled it as HPP5N as a new item (if you search AT-HPP5N on google it will be shown in our website).  Please note that although the unit was originally designated for the ANC7, it does not mean that it is a free part.  It still has to be ordered as a spare part from Audio-Technica Japan (just like any other spare parts that we sell - ie. A900 replacement earpads, 3D support wings, L3000 replacement pads, etc).  We have updated our website to indicate this to avoid confusion.  Please note that we are providing this part as a service for Audio-Technica users as the HPP5 is no longer available and found the part that would be best suited as a replacement.  I hope this clarifies things.

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Also, just to inform all of Head-Fiers regarding AudioCubes' service, as you may have realized, ever since the beginning of the recession our company, like many others, was hurt tremendously and as a result the quality of our service went down a lot.  We are not blaming this to the recession, but to the unpreparedness to handle negative impact in business.  However, since 2011 things have stabilized.  Items for both and are all directly from the manufacturer so expect only brand new, genuine products.  We have indicated on AudioCubes2 that all items are special ordered, so please expect lead time before items are shipped.  The same is to be expected with main site as we have minimized our stock level in order to coup with the aftermath of recession - fewer orders.  If you are concerned with time to wait for your order, please contact us beforehand at any time.  Also, as you already know, US dollars is now much weaker especially compared to Japanese Yen (prior to recession at around 110 yen to 1 dollar, at right now, all time low of 76 yen to 1 dollar - an almost 30% decrease in value), so almost all the cost associated with items from Japan have increased in price. We will, however, work with you individually on the price if you would like to purchase items from Japan, especially for larger ticket items.  Just wanted to provide a quick update.  We realize how important it is to maintain good reputation, and how difficult it is at the same time.  The only thing we could say that the recession was much worse than we have ever imagined and it is still affecting us at this moment.  All of us felt the impact and many of us still trying to get out from it.  While many other companies large and small have now disappeared we are still around, and hope to make a comeback, first by improving our service again.  Thanks for reading and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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Thanks for the update!

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