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I ordered a pair of Audio Technica A900 for my girlfriend on a Sunday. The package arrived the following Thursday. That's 4 days from Japan to eastern Canada! A fine vendor in my books and I will definitely order from them again.
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Audiocubes - Worst Service Ever

I just wanted to warn everybody about audiocubes (
It seems like a good online store but i tried ordering from them, and am outraged by how they deal with customers...

I wanted to order UE SF5P as a birthday present for my girlfriend.
I placed an order, my credit card has already been charged, and now, three days later they suddenly send me a cancellation notice saying they don't ship UE products internationally.
There was no notice about it on their website, they had no problem accepting my order, they didn't wait until the order has shipped to charge me, so now i will still have to pay conversion fees to my credit card company, but worst of all, i am left with no present, and they just wasted 3 days and caused me a lot of hassle. I will have to find a better store and probably have to pay more for shipping to get here on time.

I highly recommend people to stay away from this store, they are totally unprofessional.
And while we're at it, if anyone knows of a good online store that ships UE earphones worldwide, please let me know ASAP... i was already disappointed with earphonesolutions who don't ship to my country, and now audiocubes.
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I've found the service at audiocubes to be great, and many people agree with me. Unfortunately the minority of people who have a problem make the most noise, so that's what you hear about. The problem you had can be blamed on automated ordering systems, they charge your card, then tell the order shipping department to ship it once it's paid for. It's at that point the "no international orders for UE's" will have kicked in. I agree they should do something about it, but saying "stay away these guys suck" isn't really reasonable based on a single experience. You might also find this is slander, and moderators may have to "moderate" your post, so as not to get sued.

Earphone soutions, a head-fi sponsor, ships UE's anywhere.
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They shipped my CK7s to the UK in 4 days. I thought they were great. One stuff up is not cause to come running to the forum bad-mouthing them like this. You should remove this thread.
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I have only ever ordered one item from Audiocubes which was a little over 2 weeks ago a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-SQ5 headphones.

I ordered them on the monday afternoon and they wasn't dispatched until the following morning and to my amazement they arrived at my door on the thursday morning.

This is even more amazing taking into account they had travelled from japan to london england not short of 6000 miles in less than 4 days from ordering to delivery time with online tracking.

Simply put my first expericence of Audiocubes was awesome and there prices compared to the UK is fantastic.
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My experience with Audiocubes is little, but also very positive. My cans arrived in Holland within 3 days! (that's half around the world!)After that it took Dutch customs and local delivery another 7 days to bring it to my door, though. (just 100 miles...)
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My experience with them has also been very positive. When I ordered my DX1000 phones I had to email them a couple of times for various reasons and they promptly replied to my satisfaction. No complaints.
Every now and again someone falls between the cracks, I'm sure this happens everywhere though.
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This is a feedback thread, unless your post is relating direct experience with the vendor, please refrain from commenting.
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Ultimate Ears Issue

I am not sure if I can reply to this thread but I just want to clarify on the UE issue. We have just established account with Ultimate Ears in California so we are now an authorized seller for their products. Our arrangement right now is that UE will ship out orders on our behalf and we also have UE products in our store in NYC. Unfortunately due to extremely high shipping cost from the US to elsewhere (a pair of $79 Super.Fi 3 Studio will cost $50 to ship internationally), it is not economical to ship to outside of the US. As a result, this item is only available within the US. As we recently we notified by UE, we didn't have the message in our website yet, but this is now the case in our website. Just wanted to include this information. Thanks everyone.
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I've ordered from them. They are fast and efficient. For customer service I don't know. I sent an email to their customer service once and never got a reply. Their page says any returns on Audio Technica need to be shipped to Japan which can cost about $100.
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I've ordered three things from them. Two sets of cans, and a headphone stand. Prompt service, good prices, fast shipping.
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Ordered my first pair of cans from audiocubes: a900. Very fast shipping, no problems at all with the transaction. Would buy again!
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Audiocubes are great for purchases, they ship promptly and answer their email quickly. You couldn't ask for more.

Their affiliate scheme, on the other hand, seems to be a bit of a scam. I'm owed over $700 as associate referral fees but Audiocubes are either unwilling or unable to pay. Payment was promised for December, then January, and then they finally said they can't pay it right now but implied it might be paid in the future.

So be warned, don't expect to get paid if you're an audiocubes affiliate.
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I've bought my old A900s from Audiocubes and well as a headphone case for my ESW10Jpn from them. Their service has always been great to me and a pleasure to deal with in general.
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Ordered my ESW9's from Audiocube. Pretty quick delivery considering it was from Japan.
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