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HI: I bought a headsave transit portable amp from TIGGER and he was a great help with my decision on how to upgrade the amp. He suggested the best possible upgrades fore the amp and turned the BASIC transit amp into a super transit amp. The amp was delivered to me very promptly and TIGGER was great to deal with. He is a gentleman of the highest caliber. Also his prices are very reasonable.

HI: I was so impressed with the transit amp that I decided to buy the headsave ULTRA amp from TIGGER. I ask TIGGER for any upgrade suggestions and he said that the amp was pretty max out but for a little more money he would add 4 more buffers to help with the headphone out put and give a tighter bass response. Now get this. The same day I ordered the amp TIGGER shipped the amp to me that night. Wow talk about service and very fast service at that. It was a pure pleasure doing business with TIGGER and again the price was very reasonable.
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Moved up
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excellent transaction

I bought a headsave transit recently and when it took longer to arrive than expected, Norm pursued it daily with fedex and even sent me a free mini-mini cable! Service and craftsmanship of the highest caliber. It's truly a pleasure doing business with Norm.
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Nothing but good words to say about tigger. He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with the transaction, and was prompt and cordial in his e-mails. Highly, highly recommended.
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Once again Norm was great. Ultra shipped out immediately ... and more importantly it sounds wonderful.

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Just bought a fully modded headsave transit from norm. Could not ask for a better transaction. Norm must sit by his computer all day. E-mails answered promptly (once in minutes.) Professionally made product , which works great. Thank you Norm
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Just received an Ultra from Norm. It looks fantastic and sounds great. The whole transaction was such a pleasure: e-mails were answered quickly, the amp was sent out the next day, and the packaging was terrific.

I wouldn't hesitate to do business again with Norm and recommend him highly.
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Received an Ultra from Norm. I must have fired off about 30 emails in the whole process - asking him tons of questions. He 's always patient and answered all my queries. Top bloke!
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received an Ultra.
amazing look, perfect building and finishing and impressive sound.
highly recommended
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Norm is the best. He really goes out of his way to be helpful, courteous and fair. His products are an absolute bargain. I've never had a more pleasant buying experience.
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A great product and a great seller - builder. Norm went to a huge amount of trouble to answer all of my emails and questions. He provided me with a host of configurations I finally settled for an ultra with built in battery compartments. Workmanship is superb, sound quality is excellent and have a great unit to easily take with me "on the road". Once the configuration was finalized Norm quickly put the unit together and shipped it to me within a week. The unit arrived professionally wrapped and padded far in excess of most manufacturers. If you are looking for a great amp and great value I strongly recommend you look at norm's products
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Excellent communication and smooth transaction.

I'm new to this hobby and Norm was extremely helpful. I purchased an amp and 2 batteries with charger. The package arrived fast and he promptly answered every newbie question that I asked.

I definitely plan on ordering more from him in the future.

Highly recommended, Top notch build quality!!

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As you guys know, I am new to this whole audiophile scene.

My first amp had to be affordable so I contacted Norm at Headsave and through the course of, at least, a dozen emails, he helped me pick a Transit.

He built it over the weekend and shipped it out promptly on Monday. I got it four days later, all the way in California. I asked what must have been the silliest and simple questions and he didn't lose his cool once. I am still learning and Norm was very understanding, explaining things in layman's terms for me.

I am listening to my Transit as we speak. My music never sounded better. Customer service is a rarity these days. Norm is a testament to all that is good and right about a vendor. Others should take a good look at Headsave and try to model themselves after it.
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I bought a customized Headsave Ultra from Norm (one of the last he ever built before changing over to the Elite). There were a few small rough spots in communication -- I prefer a casual, friendly and open kind of talk and Norm can be very formal and businesslike sometimes. I assume he was very busy, thus some short and curt answers to questions at times when I was desiring the kind of rich, detailed flow you hear through a pair of Grado HP-1000s.

I received the amp today in perfect condition, and am running it on a NiMH battery pack I put together myself. I'm very pleased with the sound, to say the least -- in my opinion just destroys the Creek OBH-11 I was using previously. I'd recommend buying from Norm/Headsave, and give this transaction an overall 9 out of a possible 10.
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I just received my Elite SL from Tigger through Headsave. I ordered on Saturday and he had it out by Monday morning. Got it Saturday and couldn't be more pleased. Norm was very helpful when I talked to him, he was quick to reply and honest. Highly recommended.
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