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Purchased a Headphile standard interconnect from Norm. Promopt shipping and item arrived as stated. Would definitely buy from again. And besides I love my Classic.
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Thanks, Norm!

I purchased a Go-Vibe from Norm. It arrived in a timely fashion, considering US-Canadian customs.

The amp itself is constructed to the usual high standards I've come to expect from Norm. The idea that anybody could compare such a custom designed and professionally-built piece of amp to "a Cmoy" is ludicrous... whoever does such a thing deserves to be publically flogged for their ignorance .

The amp sounds great right out of the box, thanks to its simplicity. First thing I noticed was the excellent bass -- brings my Senns to life. I'm sure that with break-in, it'll sound even better. Thanks again Norm, you're the best!
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Bought a pair of Eggo D66SL's from Tigger. Shipping was prompt and arrived around the time he told me they would. Was packed up nice and tight too. Thanks!
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bought ms1 from tigger
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Brought a Go-Vibe III from him off his website.

He was very patient and courteous, answered additional questions about best batteries (which he felt were Maha), tossed in a Maha recharger for a good price, put in an AD823 opamp which he happened to have, and timed shipping according to request. Very impressive customer service, the amp itself is also nice.
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I bought a 9v battery charger with battery, AC and 12v car adapters from Norm. All arrived packaged very well and in mint condition and received alot faster than I thought. Add to that the fact that he's a great guy to deal with and answers pm's fast too. Thanks, Norm!
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purchased a Go-Vibe V5 from Norm off his website.

payment went through fine. got a confirmation email from him that it would be shipped the same day. arrived 2 days later. awesome! thanks muchly!
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I ordered a Govibe V5 from Norm. Excellent communication, prompt shipment, great product! Thanks Norm
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all positive on a go-vibe 5 purchase and plenty of customer support. Norm took care of every issue and answered every email promptly, above and beyond the call of duty. I don't hesitate to recommend him.
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Bought a Go-Vibe v5 from Norm which was shipped immediately after payment. It was in transit longer than usual due to the holiday season, but before it could come to a long wait, Norm took the pain away by offering another new shipment. We decided to wait a bit longer, and the Go-Vibe arrived in pristine condition only 2 days later than what he thought it would take. Would most certainly not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Got my first amp, a go-vibe v5s and accompanying sets of op-amps from Norm.

The communication was excellent, with him responding to every bit of my rather incessant bugging accurately and fast.

I picked the amp today from the post office after a small delay due to the holiday traffic (huge, specially for overseas packages), with everything in great shape.

He even offered to help me obtain a decent interconnect (I hate Greece...), although in the end it wasn't required.

Top notch work and communication, highly recommended!
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Purchased a prototype Go-Vibe from Norm. Communication was excellent and Norm was helpful in answering my questions. Recieved the amp quickly and was well packaged. Excellent build quality and superb amp for the money. Thanks Norm.
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Bought a Go-Vibe V6 from Norm. Arrived very well-packed in bubble wrap and foam peanuts, intact. Norm was also quick to reply to e-mails. Top-notch transaction!
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Bought a Go-Vibe from Norm. Great communication and fast shipping.
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