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VENDOR: tigger/HeadSave

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i want to let everyone know that tigger is an excellent seller.
i bought a porta corda 2 from him with 2 9V plainview batteries and charger.

he emails me regularly to update me on the status of the sale and shipping.

he packed the amp really good and shipped it fast.

overall it is a great deal he gave me.

so don't hesitate to deal with tigger.
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Bought his ATH-500's from him. Fast email responses, answered all my questions, and packed and shipped them faster then I could have gone to the store to buy them... assuming i could take a quick trip to japan.. =)

Great seller!!
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Norm was courteous and patient even when our PMs weren't getting to each other. He bought an Airbag from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Norm!
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I haven't bought an amp from him (yet). Norm was nonetheless responsive, courteous, and candid with me. Much appreciated.
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Bought an amp from Tigger.
Got it in perfect condition, he was kind enough to ship it UPS Expedited instead of Priority Mail. Would recommend.

On a different note, watch out for UPS's 'Brokerage Charges' if you're unfortunate enough to be stung with import duty... Which are rather high.
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Tigger built cmoy amp

Received my cmoy amp from Tigger on Monday. I gotta say that if even half the sellers on head-fi are as good to deal with as tigger , this site is going to be overwhelmed with new buyers. I could go on at length about his communication through-out the transaction, and how well his amp performs, but I think it will suffice to say, you'll be well pleased with the experience. Thanks again Tigger
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Another Tigger built cmoy amp

I bought a mint-cased cmoy amp from Norm recently and he was great. He responded very quickly, shipped immediately, notified me of every step of the process and I had the amp in a day (like him I'm in Canada, so it was here in less than 24 hours from the time it was shipped.) The amp was packed extremely well; there was no possibility that it would be damaged in transit with the way he packed it!

Finally, and most importantly, the amp itself is great ... it really brings out the music ... I'm using it with my Grado SR80s, and I'm hearing things I never heard before ... things are much clearer and sharper - especially when listening to music playing from my computer.

Thanks a lot Norm ... I'm looking at that Meta in a tin you have now ... hmmm ... the possibilities!
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A very excellent seller and amp builder. The first amp I recieved had a surprise defect in it, but Norm happily sent over a replacement CMOY amp that was worth more than the one a purchased even before I shipped the old amp back! Professional-like service and great communication. His prices are also great even with international shipping from Canada. Very well recommended! Thanks!

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Tigger and his Cmoy

Well, I'm smiling ear-to-ear. Tigger's Cmoy Mint is well built, great sounding. My Ratshack is now a paper weight.

I appreciate his professionalism. Ever patient with my endless inquiries and so responsive with every detail. The moment I placed the order, I never had doubts with the results. The amp arrived exactly as I specified it and in the expected time. I'm from the Philippines and that is no easy feat.

He has some interesting projects in mind and I am raving to jump into them.

Tigger can be reached at .

I can be reached at

For pics of my setup, which includes the Tigger-built Cmoy mint, click here.
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Im am the proud new owner of my FIRST amplifier, thanks to Tigger and his HeadSave product. I purchase his $55 CMOY after debating about buying one to begin with as I already put down $150 for a pair of HD580.

I only use these guys for gaming, and was tired of buying thirty dollar headphones every bought the HD580 after reading this forum for some time. What I did not look into was the ohm rating this thing had so I was stuck with some cans that I could not really hear. After more research on this site, its obvious that you need an amplifier. Im sure all of you are hardcore enthusiest but you need to know there are people in my situation following your every word and still feel left "out".

With the HeadSave announcement, that I didn't have to build something I knew I couldn't and didn't have to fork more money just to hear my headphones............I am satisfied, it came within five days and package very good (hehe, my first every package from Canada too!). This thing looks like I bought it straight from a store and I am amazed of what it does to my cans.

Tigger, if you read this I think you should design a set of CMOY's that are built into a 5 1/4" faceplate of your computer, drawing power from the 5V floppy connector and connect via the sound card directly or from a splitter in the back....I believe you could have a nich market from gamers or so!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just received my Meta Mint made by Mr. Tigger. Excellent build. Quick shipment (same day of sale/payment) and answered all my obnoxious questions. Great guy that Norm is.
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good to go

made another purchase from tigger. Priced right and always a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend doing business with him. Until the next time, thanks again tigger.
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Happy Seller

is a great person to deal with and would be happy to do business with again. Thank you for purchasing my Sony D-25S and I hope it gives you many years of listening enjoyment =P


OOPs sorry wrong person...
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Terrible transaction: Defective amp

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Very positive experience with Norm and my new cmoy amp. He was helpful and went the extra mile to help guide me through my ineptitude and problems. Knowledgeable, friendly, and good prices. Highly recommended.
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