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being that i think i've decided on samsung...

does anyone have experience with this site?


i'm from NJ and i've seen one of their stores and it looks rather rundown from the outside...just wondering if anyone has any feedback on their service and reputation.

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Go with samsung
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ya i'm going with samsung.

now i need to decide where to buy it...beachcamera seems to have the best price but i don't know how they are.
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slightly off topic: I just got a 40" Sony XBR4 LCD. It exceeds expectation to the point of being jaw dropping. You don't want to have bad skin on this screen!
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haha nice.

at the moment that's a bit more than what i'm looking to spend...just looking for something that'll work in my dorm.

definitly would consider the xbr series tho if it was for my home or something.
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where in NJ? grew up in Tenafly way back when. When you next consider for your home, consider Sony (politics aside), the ability to tweak and calibrate is really astounding. there is an entire web forum devoted solely to tweaking xbrs.
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ooh haha will do.

i live in bridgewater in somerset county, but right now i'm at michigan for school.

any feedback for beachcamera.com yet?
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www.bizrate.com for reviews of beach camera: 85% positive, 10% negative, 5% neutral
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ooh thanks.

i guess that's arite...it's overall ratings are pretty good.

if this is the cheapest price...guess i'll get it soon.
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use a credit card that will back your purchase to the hilt (Amex or better Visas)
and you are worry-free. Amex will even extend the warranty.
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just checked beachcamera...the price is the same as neweggs now.

guess the next step is deciding where to purchase it...

does anyone recommend any specific online sites to purchase tvs at?
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I'd just go with newegg or amazon. Their prices are normally really good. Sure, you may pay 20 more than some semi-shady place, but when it comes time to return a set or any other type of customer service, both are very good about returns and other customer concerns, etc
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yeah that's what i was thinking.

gonna go with newegg i guess.
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has anyone had any experience with the Sharp Aquos LC32D43U 32" HDTV LCD TV?

i found a decent deal on this tv...but if i get a majority saying samsung then im' going with the samsung LNT3253H 32" LCD HDTV.

thanks guys.
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I would go for the Sharp (in fact, I already have).

Sharp and LG-Philips use S-IPS technology in its panels (they make their own panels, like Samsung and unlike Sony). Samsung panels are PVA. Generally S-IPS is preferable (all high-end panels used by graphics artists are S-IPS). The fluorescent backlight on Sharp Aquos TVs is also user-replaceable, which will ease maintenance down the road when it fails.
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