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i haven't read most of this thread but responding to the original post/poll i don't really see it as much of a question. having owned several of each and having heard others at various times in some pretty impressive rigs i greatly prefer the stax over the k340s (and i am an akg fan. some day i'll redo my profile but i do own and have owned and enjoyed many of their products). this may raise a few eyebrows, but at a meet i attended a while back using an es-1 amp and a meridian g08 seedie player, with porcupine tree as the musical selection, it sounded better on the lambdas than on O2s or he90s!
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I recently got myself a pair of Stax SR-Lambda (normal bias) and a pair of K340 (not sure which version, but not bass-heavy)


Driving the Lambda through the speaker output on a mini-stereo in the living room (with the SRD-6 adaptor). Driving the K340 through a Isabellina HPA (LFP-V Edition) with Mullard cv2493. I like both, but they are very different. I like the Lambdas best. For certain kinds of music (mostly reggae, rock music, pop) I like them equally (depending on mood). For most of my music listening (jazz, classical), no doubt: Lambda is the best. I will keep the K340, though. I find it's soundstage and overall presentation to be very weird/special. And sometimes it can get right, what no other headphone can get right. But as an all rounder, I think it's no-go.

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