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Top 10 Favorite Sax Players

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This is probably more for the Jazz guys/gals out there, but who are your favorite sax players and why?

Mine, and definitely in no particular order, are:

1. Paul Desmond - Pure beauty of tone and phasing.
2. Michael Brecker - Massive technical prowess.
3. Frank Morgan - Tone and phrasing.
4. Grover Washington, Jr. - Tone and phrasing.
5. Jay Beckenstein - Energy and tone.
6. Art Pepper - Phrasing and tone.
7. JImmy Heath - Eloquence, phrasing and tone.
8. Rick Margitza - Understated emotion and phrasing.
9. Kenny Gorelick - Energy and smoothness.
10. George Howard - Rhythm, tone and phrasing.
11. David Sanborn - Tone and phrasing.

I know I stated "10" in the title, but couldn't help myself. Sorry.

When I say "tone" above, I really mean the personal sound these players have. "Phrasing" I mean the melody created either in the song or solos.

These players, their bands and their music is something I go to often for musical enjoyment.
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1. Charlie Parker
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Originally Posted by MD1032 View Post
1. Charlie Parker
x2 Greatest improviser of all time imo.

I've really come to like Joshua Redman though. His music is just so laid back and cool.
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Instead of getting into the tone, speed, creativity, etc..of each player, I decided to list a few of the albums that made me a fan.

1. John Coltrane - Love Supreme, Blue Train, Johnny Hartman Album, Kind of Blue, Giant Steps
2. Ben Webster - Tatum Group Masterpieces #8, Never No Lament, w/ Oscar Peterson, The Soul of BW
3. Art Pepper - Meets the Rhythm Section, +11, Smack Up
4. Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus, Way Out West, Tenor Madness
5. Charlie Parker - Dial Sessions, Parker with Strings,Confirmation: Best of the Verve Years
6. Joe Henderson - Lush Life, McCoy Tyner's NY Reunion, Double Rainbow, Page One
7. Stan Getz - Getz/Gilberto, Complete Roost Recordings
8. Coleman Hawkins - Body&Soul, Night Hawk
9. Stanley Turrentine - Ballads
10. Paul Desmond - his work with Brubeck

There are plenty of other Jazz sax players that I could have easily put on the list, but the guys above get a lot of play time in my household. I should give a special mention to Paul Gonsalves for one of the greatest jazz solos that blew (no pun intended) away the folks at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1956.
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Sonny Rollins
Greg Thompkins (local guy in baltimore)
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John Coltrane
Sonny Rollins
Charlie Parker

These are my favorites ...
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Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Cannonball Adderley, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rolllins.

Did I mention John Coltrane.

No white guys on my list. Oh...I need a tenth? Ok....Eric Dolphy I guess.
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Courtney Pine for me. Musically, and certainly when it comes to recordings, there are superiors, but as a live act and a spectacle, there is nothing that comes close to a Courtney Pine gig.
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Some of the players I listen to and enjoy the most :

Sonny Rollins
Cannonball Adderley
Stan Getz
Sonny Stitt
Paul Desmond
Scott Hamilton
John Coltrane
Zoot Sims
Branford Marsalis
Dexter Gordon
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candy dulfer

j/k...i'm actually quite fond of coltrane.
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Wayne Shorter
John Coltrane
Dexter Gordon
Branford Marsalis
Joe Henderson
Coleman Hawkins
Charlie Parker
Zoot Sims
Sonny Rollins
Gato Barbieri

More or less in order of preference.
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I only know 3 sax players by name

David Sanborn
Bill Evans
Kenny G
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Candy Dulfer

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Nobody mentioned Flip Phillips

Hard hitting sax player (1915-2001).
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