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Yes, I have the same. It's the '03 version. However, I can't believe your Beyer sounded like a HD-650 so it must be you.
Well, I can't remember which headphone amp I was trying at the time, I was first running with DT-880, then switching to HD-650, and it was like "hum-not bad..." and then when I switch back to DT-880 and that's when I noted the sharpness of DT-880. But then again, that's when I was just starting in the audio realm (or hell :P )

The DT-880 was sold later while saving up for HD-650 that was never bought. :P Then I moved on to speakers and love the effortless feel of music from speakers, as it feels a lot more relaxing when you don't have something stuck on the head. But I eventually got a ER-4P and have been enjoying it very much.