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AVA Transcendence 5 Pre-amp

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I was just about to place my part order with Mouser to build a Grado RA-1 clone for my SR-80's. I need a new tube pre-amp to go with my Wright 3.5 Mono amps and I spotted the Van Alstine Transcendence 5 tube preamp. The AVA website says this has a killer headphone output built in. Does anyone have any experience with this piece or heard anything? $599 in kit form. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone?

the link:
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Crazy, for a similar price ($95 extra.) You may want to consider the Ultrapth:


Although no one here has tried it, it's also supposed to have a killer output. It would should be dead quiet in any case because of the battery driven PSU.
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Yeah, I occasionally order parts from Ron and have seen the ultrapath kit before. It looks interesting and no doubt the battery power supply has some sonic advantages. The only problem is that I need dual outputs (for future biamping) AND a tape loop for recording late night talk radio to MD.

I'm planning on giving Frank a call at AVA one of these days to get more info on the Transcendence 5. I have to admit that I like his design philosophy and am intrigued by this preamp.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!
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