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Especially the last song.

Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post

the sound quality is amazing. if you want to know how detailed your setup is, listen to this.
If you are not careful, the last song could easily bring you to tears .
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Sam Cooke - Night Beat

From 1963, small group, in sparkling, RCA Living Stereo
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Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries

Acoustic guitar album. Sounds very very very good.
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Bluetech: Sines & Singularities

If you really want to test and push your speakers/headphones though, definitely try Derango: Tumult ..... **** LOL
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Kiln - Sunbox, This is probably of a different variety than most suggested on here, but it was very specifically produced for headphone listening. Thus it is not like anything you would hear live, but a completely different experience altogether.
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Originally Posted by Jodet View Post
My one recommendation would be the soundtrack to 'The Machinist' by Roque Banos. The movie, starring Christian Bale was pretty good, sort of a two -hour long 'Twilight Zone' episode.
As well as... Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live.

I bought both of these off Amazon today... Excellent!
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Originally Posted by SR-71Panorama View Post
The Knife: Silent Shout.

Hearing it in my car with a subwoofer still doesn't compare to the clean, flat balance when hearing it on a good headphone rig.
I bought this album from recommendations on this and other threads. I do not like it at all. It seems TOO electronic to me. I very much like This Binary Universe and some Amon Tobin, but I can't stand this.

Oh and another recommendations for fans of acoustic guitar:

Kelly Joe Phelps - Tunesmith Retrofit. AWESOME music, with great vocals and nice acoustic guitar. Awesome SQ as well.
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Les Baxter - Tamboo
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Tord Gustavsen Trio - Being There
Extremely well recorded, from deep contrabass to very delicate and subtle percussion. Great to show off what a good headphone can do.
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x3 for Clapton Unplugged.

Múm: Yesterday was dramatic - Today is ok. It is textural music. This is really something special with headphones, and for those of you that have it I would recommend Crossfeed on this album as it really brings it to life.
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x3 Massive attack - Mezzanine
x2 Tool - Lateralus

Nine Inch Nails - The fragile
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kate bush - the whole story
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for the heavier side of life...

Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side <- Probably the best mastered metal cd yet.
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Donald Fagan - "Morph the Cat"
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The one recording that sounds an order of magnitude better to me on headphones than speakers is Radiohead's "Kid A". I used to think that album was overrated until I listened to it on my headphone rig. A close second would be Broken Social Scene's "You Forgot It in People", which sounds terrific through my K340s.
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