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I have Portishead "dummies" now......any other albums by them worth getting?

Dusty, Mac
I will have to give Garbage "version 2" samples another listen, perhaps I was a bit hasty in my verdict

Best trip/hop CD ever, Massive Attack "mezzanine"
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Yup, Mezzanine by Massive Attack is an excellent album. Never really could get interested in Portishead, though.
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I also vote Version 2.0 as a far superior album to the first one. Some of Shirley's lyrics are little weak on album #1.

Yes, by all means get the Portishead #2 album ("Portishead"). Believe it or not, they too are a fabulous live band. I've seen them twice here in SF. They really wowed the audience and have developed quite a following here due to the quality of their live shows. Great headphone music.

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Originally posted by DarkAngel
Best trip/hop CD ever, Massive Attack "mezzanine"
Have a hard time arguing with that.

Yeah, Portishead is more like Sneaker Pimps than Garbage is. Garbage is much more poppy. I, too, recommend the self-titled album, as well as the live album. (So, basically, all three...)

I really like Laika, if we're going to make this a trip-hop thread.
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Have you Sneakerpimps/Portishead fans every listened to Underworld or Morcheeba? You might like them...
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Dam-it, you got me spending money again, just ordered Garbage "version 2" from half.com
Have you Sneakerpimps/Portishead fans every listened to Underworld or Morcheeba? You might like them...
Sure, I have Underworld "beaucoup fish" and Morcheeba "big calm".....I tried the follow-up CD by Morcheeba but didn't care for it so I sold it
Hmmmm......Laika, name is vaguely familar, will try to find some samples.
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Ah, you guys would start throwing out names when I'm away from my main computer for the weekend. Now I'll have to wait until Monday to start trying out some samples.
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Garbage 1 came in couple days ago, solid CD with very good sound quality, definite keeper. Waiting for "version 2" to come in now.

Garbage however is really not trip/hop music like Sneakerpimps or
Massive Attack..........more like alt rock with a few touches of electronica, will have to see what direction "version 2" takes us.
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Yeah, sorry, should have been more clear. Garbage aren't trip-hop. More like Curve derivatives. But still cool (how can you not be if Curve is your most audible influence, eh?).
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Hey what other groups do you guys recommend?
I love those groups: Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Thievery Corporation, Mono, etc. You guys reccomend anything else?
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Laika. Definitely try to find some sound samples.

I didn't see Sneaker Pimps in your list. For shame.

Lamb are pretty cool.

There's another Mono... one, not Monolake, something else...Moloko, that's it!

Ruby is pretty good, although you may find they may not qualify completely as trip-hop (like many of my favorite artists, Ruby do not constrain themselves to their specified genre), but nobody swaggers like Mark Walk!

I was just listening to an album by Neverwood, called Trapped Inside, which I find to be pretty good, and pretty trip-hoppy. As an added bonus, the singer's voice is a dead ringer for Kate Bush's!

I think that should keep you going for a little bit.
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Hahha you didn't lemme finish. The list goes on. Well I've never heard of Ruby, I'll give them a get go. Stuff like Hooverphonic also rocks. For some reason, I seem to be more into female vocalists right now. Any other recs?
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oh, yeah!

Hooverphonic R awesome! My turn to be ashamed...

Yeah, I think most of what I mentioned are femme-led (I did kind of pick up on that). Even Tricky's album Maxinquaye, considered by many to be thee definitive trip-hop album (I disagree because of a thread/undercurrent of paranoia which pervades it) is mostly female vocalists.
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You seem to know your stuff when it comes to music. Well that quenches my thirst for trip/hop stuff. I have one last favor to ask from you. Would you know of any bands similar to ben folds five/coldplay/travis-like bands. thanks.
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Uh, thanks...I wouldn't go that far...I know what I know, but I don't what I'm not into...and no, sorry, can't really help you, not really into all that...but you might want to ask these people, I think some of them might be into it...and they're pretty nice...
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