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Anyone have the new Garbage cd yet? Seem to be more slow songs, but Shirley's voice seems to be so enchanting... anyway, I'm really enjoying it. Not better than the first two albums, but no worse either. Different and still great!
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I'm trying to get a few mp3s of it off of Morpheus. Normally, I would buy a Garbage cd unheard, but this album has gotten almost all bad comments, so I want to see what's up first. Only track I've heard so far is Androgeny. It's definitely a different style, kinda catchy though. Don't ask why, but it reminds me of a Vitamin C song. Anyway, I'll comment more after listening.
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this cd is somewhat mellow i reckon

totally different from the past few albumns

there's a few good songs but most of them arent that great.

good relax music
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good relax music like the cardigans... they're mellow...

yeah, garbage is cool 'cause it's pop music, but it's evolving and stuff. you don't have to be ashamed to own it.
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y'know, it may be uncool today but I still enjoy Garbage's debut despite Butch's loop happy tendencies. What I enjoy about it the most is hearing Shirley's voice from her younger years. Don't get me wrong. I still love it now, but it was a bit sexier then - especially on Fix Me Now. Mmmmm.
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Uncool? Man, their first album is my favorite one! My favorite song is "My Lover's Box", followed by "Happy When It Rains".

Stupid mid-terms, still haven't gotten around to listening to those new mp3s I downloaded...
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Good! Then I'm not alone. The first album was quite edgy so I like that one. I also liked the trip hoppiness about it. Favorite track? Hmm, that's tough. I like Not My Idea except for the cheesy chorus. Does that count?
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Sure, why not? Actually, my favorite part of "My Lover's Box" is the chorus. I love hearing "Send me an angel to love / I need to feel a little piece of heaven / Send me an angel to love / I'm afraid I'll never get to Heaven." Shirley has so much emotion in her voice, oh it's beautiful!

I finally got around to listening to the mp3s from the new album. I think it's the weakest of the three albums, mostly because I don't see a true blockbuster song like the previous two albums, but I haven't found any out-right bad songs. Of course, I'll have to go get the CD and listen to it a few more times before my opinion's set in stone. The songs that I've instantly liked so far are Androgyny, Cup of Coffee, Parade, Silence is Golden, 'Til the Day I Die, and Shut Your Mouth (except for the chorus).
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Ya, I agree... first two albums were better, but this is still good. Enough to get my Garbage fix until I can see 'em live or something. BTW, are they good live, anyone seen 'em?
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They are a great live band. I saw them at the Warfield in SF and I had seats in the front row center up in the balcony. My concert binoculars were glued to Ms. Manson the whole time, but I think there were some other dudes on stage, but I can't be sure.
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Checked some sound samples from 1st Gargage CD, sounds good to me, ordered from half.com, think I will pass on "version 2"

This will go nicely with my Sneaker Pimps 'becoming X" which is great example of trip/hop genre:
Too bad there isn't more of this type music......
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i saw garbage live at livid last year.. or was that the year before? i hadn't heard their cds before seeing them live so i dunno what was expected... they seem to rock the mosh pit... focus on shirly of course.. she did a take of spice girls in the chorus of "stupid girl" hehe
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I would like to lick Shirley's pavement

I have to agree with the other comments here -- beautifulgarbage is the least good of the three albums. Too much filler, the ballads aren't as good as on previous efforts. What is that R&B tune doing on it? I think I need to burn myself an edited version...hmmm...tweaking a recording now...?

Whoever was going to pass on V2.0, don't! It's awesome! In some ways, I like it better than the first one (just a smidge more techno), but the first one is still the best.

And yes, they are awesome live! I've seen 'em almost every time they came into my area (DC), even way back when the only thing that anyone knew by them was "Queer".
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I agree with Dusty. v2.0 is my favorite -- it has an energy level the others just can't match.
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Dark angel, you might try portishead. Similar to sneaker pimps IMO but less repetitive. Not that repetitive is bad.
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