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Originally Posted by Audio Jester View Post
I don't know how many would agree with me on this but I would love to own a chrome Raptor. Imagine the glow off the tubes at night. luscious.

Back to topic, Congrats trose49.... you better get that camera ready or so help me...!
All I can suggest is that try asking Ray now and about a year later maybe YOUR dream will come true!! LOL!

That would be sweeet! OK I'm canceling my order! ---kidding!
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Originally Posted by rlanger View Post
Not sure what you mean by "sweet spot", but it sounds to me like you haven't heard the B-52. Doesn't get much sweeter than that, IMHO.
On the main rig the hr-2 is being fed from the Meridian single ended while the B52 is being fed balanced. HR-2 not only stands to the B-52 proudly but also makes fat jokes often...

"Hey fatty! how long is it going to take to warm up them 8 tubes? I don't have all day, hell I don't even have a power switch cause unlike some here I don't need it...Bitch!.."

the hr-2 is a spicy meatball..

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oh, nice, please keep us posted,
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Originally Posted by jp11801 View Post
actually I have at least 4 different times while I like it , I stand by my statement, sweet spot to me is the point where price, value and sound meet.
ps I am sure ray will pull out all the stops and make the silver raptor and this amp will be visually stunning
At what point is that,exactly?
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Ok boys pics are up on Rays site here: http://www.raysamuelsaudio.com/products/raptor products/raptor.

PICS ADDED BELOW for the lazy

That's not any Silver Raptor that ones mine and one of a kind!

As for the goodies list:

Silver or course!
One off! Gold volume knob and matching hardware
Blue led (which will be available on the silver, Ray would'nt let me keep everything to myself)
Techflex Silver Reflex sleeving between power supply and the amp!

Please post your thoughts!
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i like the overall look better than the original--the champagne volume knob, brass fasteners, blue light, silver techflex umbilical power supply cord, and all silver chassis is very sharp. it looks really nice.
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the rings on the top should be gold as the knob is, it looks off or half ass..
or put in a sliver knob like a Silver B52 has. why the leds color temps don't match on the ps from the head section? might be the pics though.

Todd when you get her in (and after you enjoy her a bit) take pics in bright and darken rooms settings, the Silver (naked) finish should vary greatly between the two.

wonder if Ray tried a black knob with Black front screws..it would fit the silk screen and bring out the silver and blue.
I may be bias but from those pics it seems to have lost a bit of class to her.

then again screw the looks...your impressions on the sound is what counts!
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I LOVE THE LOOK! Sorry Billy I have to disagree with ya. Its exactly as I pictured it in my head. Hope the Blue light's do match though.
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Wow, that is some hotness. Seriously, one nice looking amp.
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The amp looks great. Enjoy!
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Nice looking amp. I don't know anything about tubes, so I'm wondering what is the ring for that goes around the middle (preamp?) tube?
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looks awesome.
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That looks very sweet!
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Thanks guys for the kind words. Its really exactly what I wanted!

It shipped today so I should see it by Wednesday!
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