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Replacements for HD600's

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Ok, here's the deal...

I've been listening to my ety's alot lately, then I went back to my HD600's and just didn't like the way they sound. Too laid back, too warm almost, didn't seem as musical or as detailed as the ety's... So anyway, I'm thinking about replacing them with something, but what?

Here is what I'm thinkin' right now...

I've owned almost all the Grado line worth mentioning, including Music Series Pro's and RS1's. I think the 325's would be too bright for my tastes. Of course I'd love to have any of the HP series, but they're so hard to find. BTW, my budget is whatever I can get for my PERFECT HD600's (hehe) + $200.

So that almost puts me in CD3000 range, but is that what I'm looking for? Some cd3000 owners, I want something less laid back, more detailed, but not as far as the Grado sound goes... like a full sized ety I guess, but of course it's going to be a little different.

I thought about some Beyer 931's, but those seem like they'd be too bright. What about AKG K1000's? I could hook them up to my amp, would they sound ok off my Rotel 60wpc integrated?

Someone needs to guide me I think... so I'm looking for any thoughts, any thoughts at all! Even if you wanna call me stupid, just give me some guidance Thanks guys...
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Daniel Pumphrey seems to think that his AKG 501s are the closest full-size headphones to his Etys.
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I thought about those too... but the bass might bother me...

In a full sized headphone I want a little more bass I think... Wouldn't hurt to audition them though
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I want something ... like a full sized ety I guess
Umm........ Why? If you already found the sound you are after, why are you getting rid of a pair of HD600 and $200 for something to produce the same sound you already got? Or am I missing something here?

You are will to spend more money to get a pair of full size ety? $350 for a pair of phones just for the full size factor?
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Well - I've always wondered how it was even possible for Etys to have a realistic soundstage...........I mean....regardless of how well they image, creating a soundstage is something I don't see any SMALL driver, IN your ear canal, doing......

I really need to audition some Etys......at the Chicago HeadRoom meet......
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And why not? The etys image better than anything I've heard to date. Sometimes, however, it's gets sort of weird because I can actually tell where the microphones were placed. Sometimes when I listen to a symphony I feel like I'm on top of the symphony looking down...and if you've ever been to someplace like Symphony Center downtown, you'll see the mics hanging from the ceiling right above the orchestra. They are THAT good.

You needn't wait for the headroom on wheels to roll around chicago. Just go to some of the stores mentioned earlier. For example, you can audition the etymotics AT Etymotic!! Now just how many headfizers can do that?
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jim - I believe that the Etys IMAGE well.......but that's different than creating an awesome soundstage.

I really need to be able to drive
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Ya, I know, seems crazy to want something like what I already have, but sometimes I just don't feel like sticking things in my ears, know what I mean

Don't get me wrong, most of the time they're comfortable, but sometimes I just wanna throw something on and not have to worry about gettin' a good seal and stuff like that...
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The CD3000s might be just the ticket, they're more laid back than the Grados I've heard and the bass is great.
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I know what you mean about those HD600's! I found my etys much more enveloping and intimate, yet even more crystal clear over the 600s. I did, however listen to them through an RA-1, and not a tube amp so maybe that would have helped. But since you have a melos...hmm. This may sound silly, but I was thinking about buying the HD600s because they are so highly regarded, but also because they come in a nice box... How's that for a lame excuse for buying headphones?

Ever since I got my etymotics, I've found them favorable over just about every headphone I've tried, include the HD600s and Grado prestige series. I've never heard a RS series grado, but I've learned that I just don't like the grado sound as much as I used to, so I'm less inclined to put the effort into finding a pair to try out.

I too have been looking for something more convenient than the etys. (I don't like to stick stuff in my ears all the time too) So I bought a pair of K501s along with an MG head which should come in the mail sometime this week or next, so I'll let you know if they are at all comparable to the etys....after I get my custom molds fixed of course.
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Cool, ya, I'd appreciate your impressions of the K501's.

Those are my feelings about the ety's exactly. They just sound alot better than anything I've tried, including the RS-1's, HD600's...well, those two are the most noteable


That's my personal preference, I don't want to say they're better for everyone
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Re: Replacements for HD600's

Originally posted by Flumpus
I went back to my HD600's and just didn't like the way they sound. Too laid back, too warm almost, didn't seem as musical or as detailed as the ety's
I'm in the same boat (except with 580s). Did you read the post in cables called CLOU CABLE 212 RED JASPIS by CRESCENDOPOWER? Here's a few lines:

"Wonderful! This cable actually showed me what was missing in my system. I don't know if this is because the Red Clou is so good, or the stock cable so bad, but I'm impressed!
The first thing that I noticed was the extention in the treble, and the bass. To my ears, this was not slight. It was almost like the headphones were getting more power to them. Almost like a power amp upgrade.
The detail this cable provides is incredible! Cymbals sound more lifelike, and the bass now has more punch, and control.
This may surprise many, but I feel the transparency, pace, and rythum of the Etymotic Research canalphones are now equaled."

Although I'm considering the 501s too, I'm also considering this option. Perhaps this is an option that might interest you?
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Maybe Etymotic can just develop a full-sized headphone that has the same sound characteristics? Maybe I'm dreaming, but if anyone should be trying to match the Etymotic sound in a regular headphone, it should be them.
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I've been listening to my ety's alot lately, then I went back to my HD600's and just didn't like the way they sound.
This is a common phenomenon. It always takes a while to adjust to a "new" sound after having been used to another. After using my SR325, my HD 600 sounds a bit grainy and lacking highs, but after 5-10 minutes, the highs emerge and the sound improves.

I don't find the HD600 dull. I actually found it quite lively, well balanced and the highs extending into the stratosphere. I was listening to vinyl w/Mission 774 tonearm and Grado MCX cartridge, and X-Cans V1 w/Valvo tubes.
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I listened to some vynil with my HD600's yesterday, and it sounded pretty darn good. I think I am going to keep them, but only because I got a good deal on some older headphone people have been talkin' about lately. I wanna see how those are first
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