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Antony and I did a trade: my Er4-s +cash for his new e500s. While I have no intention of posting the minute details our negotiation, I would like to let others know that Antony is honest and a person of integrity. He was an excellent communicator and it was truly a pleasure dealing with him. Would definitely do business with him again.

Thanks Antony!

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Bought a k701 from me. Was very prompt with payment and the transaction went smoothly.
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Antony offered his Audioengine A2s at an amazing price and there was quite a qeue of people in line to purchase them. I expressed interest and it took him a while to provide the pictures as requested. After a couple days Antony withdrew from the sale because he found another source of funds for the amp he was looking to purchase. However, a couple days later he decided to put the A2s on sale again. I was eager to buy and requested more information. He was a little slow to answering the PMs but he answered all of my questions completely and honestly. I had some reservations about the sale due to the changing of minds, and the lack of communication, but after he answered all of my questions I went ahead and paid him. Antony said that the speakers would be shipped out that day or the next. However, after the following day had past, he PMed me and said he did not have time to send out the speakers on that day as promised, so I requested a refund.

The transaction was completed satisfactorily - I got my money back and even though I did not get the speakers, that is ok. I was moderately upset by the delays in communication and shipping which is why I withdrew from the transaction. I would suggest the next buyer to be more patient and trusting perhaps than me. Overall I would say I am neutral about this transaction.
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Bought a pair of K701's from Antony. Communication was good. It took him a couple extra days to ship the box but he shipped it express to get it here around the same time and ate the extra cost. Overall I'm very satisfied and would buy from him again.
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Sold my Meier Headfive to Anthony, great communication, fast payment.

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Bought an amp from Anthony. Great communication, no hassle payment, very fast shipping and product arrived as described with all accessories.

I couldn't be happier.
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Antony is a class act. Etymotics ER-4 transaction.

Fast shipping, great guy, and the patience of a saint(there was an issue with paypal that was quite a pain in the neck).. do not fear dealing with this great young man.
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have a really biiiiiiiiiig deal with Antony (big in time scale )

He's an excellent head-fier, who always keep his word, with promptly and fast communication, overall, I would recommend everyone to do business with him, and I myself hope to deal with him again :-)

Thank again Antony
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