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Do you often find people think you're crazy spending over $20 on headphones? - Page 2

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i had this problem with my roommate who laughed at me having 7 sets of headphones/ ear buds. (he's kinda arrogant) He loves his shuffle, and his ibuds. so i said OK i may be crazy to have this many but listen to these and tossed him my AKG K324p (cx300 clone) and he put them in and listened for a min, i went away and watched a movie or something came back to see what he thought and he was still listening. after he took them out he said "How much were these? I need them!!!"

yea he hasn't said anything about my headphones since
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i have a friend that's into autographs - esp. by sports figures. he sometimes pays thousands of dollars for a picture because some guy wrote on it. to me that is crazy. all it does is sit there in a glass case. at least audio equipment, you can use.

i know that these memorabilia - at least some of them - have investment value, but the market for that stuff fluctuates greatly and it's hard to say how much money one can make (or lose) on any individual item.

audio gear as soon as it is purchased loses value and the more time that elapses, the more that is lost - but the enjoyment from using it can last forever.
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if they don't really love music, you're just wasting your time -- just change the subject.

if they really love music, let them listen and you'll convert them for sure.
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They just... kinda accept me as is. Even after I did a small fashion show of headphones by wearing a different headphone to the meeting each time for five weeks...
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The very same people who think spending over $20 on headgear is crazy happen to be spending over $1000 on a golf iron or a Shimano Fishing Rig or a Canon L Lens or a designer watch etc....

Let's face it, Big Boys toys come in many form, audio headgear is just a faction of those. While one balked at another for spending more on a particular "toy", they themselves spend even more on something that the other guys could not understand.

I am quite unfortunate to have passions in several areas. Cars, Photography, Audio - all those drains the bank faster than I can say "I am broke"
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Another quick question What are the odds that Shure will upgrade my E3g to SE210 or SE310(at a large markdown) if I were to ask them when sending in my E3 for RMA?

I've had to RMA my E3's at least 3 times for things that have gone wrong with them. From the nozzle breaking off when changing sleeves, crackling, etc. etc. I love the headphones and I take great care of them but there seem to be a couple quality issues. At least as far as luck would have for me.

I already mailed them out earlier today. I'm just thinking though that maybe if called up the people at Shure and told them my name etc. etc. and my story maybe I'd be able to get something else besides the earphones that have given me so much grief(don't get me wrong, a lot of happiness too). Like the SE210 or the SE310. Do you think it'd be too late to mention something since I already mailed them out? What do you think the odds are they'd help me out?

I don't want anything for free I'm just tired of having to send my phones in. My etymotics haven't broken once.
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Originally Posted by nylan8301 View Post
That's how everyone should solve their problems...

...with some violence!

Indeed, it is how I solve most of my problems. It is also how I fix the headphones if they break when I throw them at the person who mocked my collection. I just beat it against the table like an angry monkey until it works again.
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I lent some crappy low-end Koss headphones to my sister, then took them back to see if I could mod them to make them sound better. I modded them a bit, but it made no difference so I gave them back.

Sis: Omg what did you do to them! They're broken now
(I just took away the foam over the drivers...)
Me: They're only $15... You can just buy your own pair.
Sis: ****WTFBBQ I'm not paying $15 for a pair of headphones
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I try at least 1 rational response before I give up. I argue...

I've spent 10k (700 cd's at $15 per) acquiring this music. Mp3 players cost up to $399. Why should I waste that investment by using cheap headphones? The last gent I made this argument to listened to my E4-c's, said I understand, and has since bought SE-310's.

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Oh, on the same note, how many of you felt that way before Head-fi? A few months before Head-fi, I read about Shure IEMs at about 200 dollars and flipped out, instantly acknowledging to myself that those people are out of their minds, whether for IEMs or full-sized. And here I am, preparing to buy 480 dollar ATH-AD2000s within the next month. I still think anyone who'd spend more than $50 on headphones is crazy, but I'm okay with being one of the crazy ones. It's more fun (albeit more pricey).

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Okay, so the best thing is when I tell people about my headphone amplifier. Most people I know aren't smart enough to know the headphones I have (senn 580's) are any more expensive than a cheap set so they never ask about them.

I've made the mistake of telling a couple people I know about my Little Dot mk III, and their response is always the same: Isnt it already loud enough for you? Do you want to go deaf? I even made the mistake of trying to tell my boss about my amp once after I first got it. This was greeted with the above comment and a look that said "I must be paying you way too much."

Well for now I'm still earning only 10 cents over minimum wage, and I have decided not to discuss with my boss how I spend my money anymore.

Now I'm really rolling on the floor laughing when I see peoples faces after I tell them my headphone amp uses vacuum tubes. I think my mom has justified my purchase by the logic that my amp looks very "pretty" when the tubes are glowing.
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Hmmm... you know, I don't think that people even realize that I've spent more than $20 on headphones.

In any case, I enter my plea here:

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I let people listen to my DT-770s when I had them from time to time, and those who listened were reasonable enough to agree with me that they sound good.

A few even commissioned me to find them a pair of phones to suit their music preferences, listening styles, and price range.

But I guess because most of my friends know that I take music so seriously, they completely understand why I justify spending the equivalent of a month's rent on an element of my music rig.
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Some people don't think that there's a difference between the $20 headphone and the $500 headphone. Either that or they don't think that the difference in sound quality is worth it.
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Originally Posted by Xenafor View Post
Oh, on the same note, how many of you felt that way before Head-fi?
I was totally like that and flipped out on my brother for buying Shures (half for price, and half because he keeps breaking every headphone he buys and uses his Shures to ignore the rest of us, but whatever)... but I've been here for only about two weeks, led from anythingbutipod.com, and I caught myself eyeing some of the low-end Grados or Vintage AT phones for about $100 on eBay with an itchy bid finger...

But I also know I don't really mind listening to my MX300 compared to my Koss 75, I still don't mind listening to my v150... so I have a feeling I've got bad ears for this sort of thing and it's really all value you guys have imparted. Athough we'll see how I feel after my first Head-fi meet. I'm more into things for looks, so I don't think I'll ever peak past EW9s, which isn't horrible compared to my Canon L Lens fever.
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