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My PRS custom fed into this:

Being used with MFX supermodels, and fed into a pair of Grado phones, or Equation audio RP-21s is pretty much all I need to accomplish any guitar or bass oriented musical task or achieve any guitar tone that tickles my fancy.

If I am in the mood to forgo the Headphones, I use a Peavey Tube amp (forget the model) loaded with a 12" Emminence FRFR modeling 12 speaker.

Couldn't be happier with the above rig.
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Boy there are sure some nice effects setups here! I can't wait until my Boss ME-6 gets here.
Jahn, you got some killer videos there on youtube! When did you get the Jazzmaster? Sweet color! I'd like to get either another strat or a tele in a seafoam/pastel green ;p
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oh yeah! that AVRI '62 Thin Skin Sonic Blue Jazzmaster is my baby! I'm thinking if my son gets the Les Paul, this one's for my baby girl who's coming around next month!
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Just added a EH POG and a BBE Sonic Stomp to the current setup!
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Originally Posted by bloodydoorknob View Post
Just added a EH POG and a BBE Sonic Stomp to the current setup!
How's the pog? I'm interested in one.
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In one word: Awesome. It tracks extremely well and it does what few other octave pedals can do: CHORDS! It texturizes single notes beautifully. With the exception of the Deluxe memory man, I've never liked Electro Harmonix pedals, but this one is really worth it. The only downside is that it can get a little hissy when you add medium distotion to it.
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how do you like the Power Pad II? I REALLY need a good pedalboard power supply, preferably one that gets rid of the DC hum that I get a lot of right now.

I was looking at options around 100-150, and the Power Pad II is 30 bucks cheaper than the Voodoo Labs pedal power 2+, and has 2 more outlets.

will it take reverse polarity pedals like the EHX Nano Clone along with normal polarity pedals at the same time?
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this thread is evil. i totally dont need a pedalboard since i never gig out but i just scored one, should be here by next week, bah! how do you attach your pedals to that board? velcro?
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I use a small amouth of velcro, non industrial, and never had a pedal fall off.
What pedalboard did you end up buying Jahn? Just curious because I'm looking for a smaller one (maybe one from Trailer Trash) for my remaining pedals.

I never tried the voodoo labs power supply, but I'm pretty satisfied with the pedalpad power as it works well for the 12 pedals I power with it. I've never had any hum or power spikes. It can power as many pedals you can throw at it, but you'll need to get a polarity converter for those positive tipped pedals, such as the 1Spot polarity converter.

You'll also need a daisy chain to power more than 8 pedals at once because the pedalpad power supply has 8 barrell outlets.

Another good power supply to consider is the TREX fuel tank.

Hope that helped.
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My neighbor just bought a Boss ME-50 and a Boss RC-50 Loop Station, so I asked him if he had any pedals that he wouldn't mind selling. So, for $30, I picked up a like brand new DOD FX-90 analog delay and a like brand new Ibanez FL5 Flanger w/wallwart.

I don't have a short patch cable, so I can only use one at a time but these are way cool in front of my Pignose G40V and 12" Blues Jr speaker and my strat. Haven't tried any of the other guitars yet.

This delay does some way cool sounding stuff, but his new setup going into a Fender Reverb Deluxe reissue with his Rickenbacker is really sweet.

I gotta get a lot better on the guitar before i can even think about that kind of effects setup.
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Some nice links

The Gearpage (Guitar equivalent of Head-fi)

The Gear Page - Powered by vBulletin

Lavacable (Guitarists like high end cables, too - I bet he could make some really nice headphone cables, too)

Lava Cable

Zachary Vex - Guitar effects box mad scientist - makes a really nice small audiophile tube amp, too.


Link to his small tube audiophile amplifier

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Man, is it me or is the title of this thread really bad...
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It's alright... gets to the point and you know what it's about.
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i just ordered a crybaby 535q wah

that would make my setup: ibanez rg350dx----crybaby 535q(to come)---boss os2 distortion/overdrive-----vox ac15(has inbuilt tremolo and reverb with a footswitch)
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the Rat distortion pedal and boss digital delay are essentials imo. the lowpass filter (moog) i hardly ever use. the other pedal i have is a morley wah.
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