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ER4p + 75ohm mod = rolled off?

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Just had an instant urge to try this mod after reading about it and after some ham-handed soldering with questionable results i managed to create a cable with two 75 ohm metal film resistors in place on the left and right channel.

After a quick test everything seems to be connected fine, i've got a good signal and the ER4's suddenly seem much harder to drive, as expected.

Now there seems to be some changes in sound signature, the lowest extensions of bass seems to be better and works very well along side the mid bass. Dynamics are great as they always were ...always relying on the weakest part of the chain whch is the source material.

Now the main obvious gripe for me was very apparent from the start, notably rolled off highs. The ER4p's were the first IEM i had that didn't seem to lose extension in the treble department yet suddenly these are now compable to my e2c's. Either i've done something wrong or this is a common thing?
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To better understand. In what configuration did you install the resistor? In series or bridged across the +pos and -neg wires?


It sounds like you created an RC filter and rolled the highs off. AFAIK The ER4S should be brighter than the 4P.


Comparison graphs for the ER4s are here:




Let us know how you have it configured. Some people might enjoy more bass from their ER4p and perhaps your  discovery could be improved upon.

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