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Cable Burn in device

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I have read threads that refer to cable burn in devices/machines. I was wondering if these devices are cost prohibitive for the average person. Everytime I burn in cables using my cdp and test signals I wonder how much life it is taking off the motor in my cdp.
Does anybody know if these units are for sale fairly cheaply or could be made fairly cheaply?
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I've seen one that was quite expensive. I'd also be curious to know if anyone here has had experience with these devices and how effective they are.
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I dunno.. But my CD player is 10 years old and falling APART, and the motor has yet to go.. Everything else has, though!
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Be careful with these types of things, I remember reading that they can ruin certain types of IC's.

I really don't see the point of them.
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Cable cooker, duo tech etc are used by some cable dealers, usually 24hrs on cooker can approximate 1 week of regular burn in by constant playback, usually done as free service for customers by dealer.

KR is correct that not all cables can be cooked, network cables like MIT, Transparant etc will be let the dealer do this or consult cable manf first as they know what can be safely/effectively cooked, these units are not cost effective for individuals.
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Nordost makes a cable buring machine, some dealers actually have them and you can burn in your cable in there. But buying it would be stupid, it cost too much for something you'll only use may be twice in a year for a few hours.

If you don't want to use your CD player to burn in, use a tuner! no moving parts, no wear. and why do you need to burn in ayway? if it sounds good, why not listening to it while you burn it in?
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uhm, stupid question maybe, but why?

it shortens the lifespan of your cdp? by what? a month? it takes a whole damn lot of cables to burn up a cdp then! or you've got a crap transport ofcourse.

and if they're expensive, how much more expensive than repairing a cdp? and add to that the chance of killing the ICs.

"hm, I got quite an expensive cdp here, better not play to much cds, else it wont last as long"

edit: somehow missed raymondlins reply. agree with him completely
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That's a good point, raymondlin -- I don't imagine too many audio enthusiasts would have to use this device that often.
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The Nordost burning machine is actually call a "Toaster"! The Nordost CBID1 cost £700/$1000! You can get it over here in england or you can hire it for 48 hours or £39.95/$60 ish.

But it still begs the question, why? Unless you are in a real hurry to hear the cable from the word go. Otherwise, even if you don't want to hear it from cold, plug it into you Telly/Tuner/Computer, anything with a RCA plugs to burn it in.

The only time I burn in a cable is on purpose was when I borrowed a pair a Van Den Hul D102MK3 from my dealer for the weekend and the cable was brand new unopened. So I plugged it into my Tuner and left it on over night, and did my comparison in the morning. I seriously can't think of a good reason why people would want to burn in their cable in a hurry.
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Just plug and play them suckers.
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Make sure to play Brother Jack Mcduff "Hot BBQ" to burn in cables, it's much better than Norduz.

-I'll sell the album to anyone for $999(cheaper than Nordost) Special Offer, Act Now!!!
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I read somewhere - can't remember where - that burn-in devices don't just burn-in your cables, they improove them. Apparently, the burn-in devices do things to the cables that your rig cannot. The article I read had people swearing blind that their so-called burnt-in cables sounded better after spending some additional time on the toasters.
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How could it improve the cables? And is this improvement supposed to be temporary or permanent?
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Slap me around if you want...

But how noticable is the sound of a burnt in cable, aside from one that isnt? I have a hard time eating the fact that theres any noticable difference... Well, maybe if you had supermans ears?

It's all in your head.
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Depends on the cable. A DBSE Belden cable I got gave my Senn 580s a soundstage that stayed entirely w/in my head. Kinda freaked me out, because I've never heard my 580s sound closed-in like that before. After burn-in, the soundstage got a little wider & deeper than what I was used to.
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