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I would read some poetry and listen to music.
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Put on my phones and enjoy my music. Whatever will be... will be...
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i would do the whacky thing of ordering another XiN amp, and then i could genuinely say, the world will have ended before i get this amp
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Steal an expensive audio rig and savour every moment of it till I fall asleep.
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If I was within reach of my wife, we would use the time racing to a favorite restaraunt, holding hands, remembering 25 years of marriage, put in a call to our Daughter, and sippin some real expensive Whisky.

If out of range from a reunion, I would go to the local airport, steal my "Dream" plane from those offered, and go as High as I could get. Might try some "unlimited" acrobatics!!!

Failing that, I would go Mcmanus' route: WFO on the nearest sportcar road - 10/10+++

(EDIT) Oh Yeah, in each of the above scenarios, I would be Playing Pavarotti, Loud!
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Yesterday I planned a suicide 6 hours in advance before I realised it wasn't feasible 2 hours before. In that 4 hours I did nothing except play computer games and lie in bed thinking. Aha. I guess if the world was about to end and I wanted to live, I'd be too depressed to do anything anyway. But one thing I'd do for sure is spend the last moments with the person I love most. Even if it's doing nothing..

soozieq, lines will be jammed or down
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Originally Posted by jmmtn4aj View Post
soozieq, lines will be jammed or down
OK, so in the 15 minutes I would have set aside for calling. . . I'd cut loose my neighbour's wind chimes and ram them sideways down his throat (in a caring and compassionate manner).

Then I'd get my b/f to pee on his trees (as we're sure he weed on ours).

Afterwards, I'd roll a huge 'Cheech and Chong' spliff, using the original rolling paper from 'Big Bambu' so by the time the asteroid hit - I'd already be 'gone'. . .
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
Get my crunk on
lol - make sure you post it on youtube and then post the link here.

I do wonder what the 2% that would go looting would do with their loot!

I would:
- get it on with my wife (2 mins)
- have a nap (15 mins)
- try to get on the internet to connect to head-fi (10 mins)
- realise that everyone else in the world is on the Internet sending emails or some other pointless activity (5 mins)
- finally connect to the Internet and get onto Head-fi (3 mins)
- get on to youtube and watch Kirosia get his crunk on (5 mins)
- drink straight Vodka
- smoke cigarettes in the house (well at least in my study with the window open and the door shut so my wife and kids don't get cancer)
- listen to a few favourite songs while cruising head-fi (15 mins)
- climb on the roof of my house while wearing my 'inside clothes' (2 mins)
- watch the last 3 minutes of the world go by (much longer and I'd get bored)

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Before the asteroid breaks my audio system I would already start planning my next system.
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Originally Posted by greydragon View Post
I would so cut loose my self-control: drugs and unprotected sex galore.
Imagine if the apocalypse was all a hoax; think of all the kids you'd have to raise!
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How about driving madly around town with "It's the End of the World as We Know It" blasting from the car stereo? I'm surprised no one has thought of it. An hour of that would be quite enough, and then "Thank God, here it comes...WHAM!"

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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
"...while another two percent decided, with just an hour's life to go, that it was time to start looting."

Those two percent are either the complete idiots of society or the complete geniuses! I'm not sure which. Suppose it didn't happen!?!? Suppose is was a false report and there were people coming out of banks tossing their life savings up in the air for the sheer joy of it. Why not do some looting! If nothing else, it might be kind of fun.

On a more serious note, I think I'd grab my girlfriend and lace up my driving shoes to take my Ariel Atom out for one last spin! We could talk about our lives and what we loved most about them via the AutoCom system (helmet to helmet communication); we could listen to some of our favorite songs (the ones we wanted to play at our wedding that would never happen); we could hold hands and pray together and do the Thelma and Louise thing if we so happen to be at the Grand Canyon. As the Boss says, "We go driving, driving deep into the night, I go driving deep into the light, in Candy's eyes..."

I think Looting and Eating would be the biggest waste of the last 60mins really. What would you loot? whats any material item going to do for you in 60mins? not only that but while you are looting you are actually wasting the 60mins doing it. same thing goes with eating, we eat to survive..your stomach would not even have the food broken down in 60mins. and how long will it take for you to cook the food? useless..

also if you think about it there would be to much Traffic on the roads so driving is useless and the thought of being able to drive the last 60mins is useless. even picking up a cell phone to call loved ones won't work out neither cause the networks would be overloaded just like they were on 9/11.

also it would not be such a bad thing about knowing the end is happening in 60mins. think about if you had Cancer or some other major health problem, who cares? Cancer could not do nothing to you in 60mins and it's not like you have anything else to live for after the 60mins. Loved ones? you spent your life with them and since were all going to die why waste your last Min's on earth attempting to say goodbye? pending on your beliefs we all may be going to the same place after the 60mins and you will probably see them there..maybe.

The world would go nuts if everyone found out the end is 60mins away, everything would stop working cause no one in their right mind is going to stay at their jobs. The roads would be clogged with people walking and running to get somewhere. There will be Lot's of murders from either people going on a rampage or people "protecting" their items they acquired in life. Cops and Fireman and any government would be done, money in any currency is useless now.

I think i am thinking of this way to much, but to me what you do in the last 60 Min's depends completely where you are located when you find out. what if your stuck in Traffic? what if your at a family party? what if your at your job? etc etc
the answer to the main question will weight completely on where your at.
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule View Post
Imagine if the apocalypse was all a hoax; think of all the kids you'd have to raise!

Maybe I'll use a condom. Thanks for the heads up
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definitely screw.

smoke a lot of cigarettes... hug my son.
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