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Just ordered some 5mL decants of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Oud Wood, Creed Aventus, and 4mL of TF Grey Vetiver :D

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From Decant Shop ?  Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is another interesting one.  

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post

From Decant Shop ?  Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is another interesting one.  

I was planning on getting them from, but ended up buying them from US eBay sellers since it ended up being slightly cheaper.

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I might get some from overseas as well.  Hopefully customs and Australia Post will have no problem with that.

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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver reminded me of alcohol or glue in the first few seconds.  The scent is fresh, clean, aromatic and a bit salty.  It's a good summer fragrance.  It might be suitable for winner as well due to its earthly warmth smell.  

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Chanel Allure Homme Sport

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme


Both smelled similar in a masculine way.  However Extreme has more citrus or lime in it.  

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Anyone know of a good mistletoe/pine scent?

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Aspen and it's cheap;-) 

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Creed Aventus

It's a sweet fruity scent with pineapple as the main note.  It's nice in the first few seconds, however the drydown is harsh, like shaving foam.  

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some of the best i have smelled :

MDCI invasion barbare  - my favorite of all time 

Tom ford private blend Oud wood 

AMouage Reflection Man 

Maison Francis Kurkdjian aqua universalis forte 

Dior Bois D Argent 

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I am using a summer and a winter (or name it warm and cold weather...) smell:



Jil Sander - Sun Men: all the day



Chanel Antaeus: the good times:cool:

Lagerfeld Photo: work days


all as Eau de Toilette, what is imho intense enough.

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This is by far my favourite:

But I'm experimenting with this one too, since the Armani is getting hard to find:



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I'm starting to like Green Irish Tweed by Creed.  Its potentness was still there after six hours.  

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Bump, and lately I've developed an interest in old-school powerhouse scents. Aramis, the original Armani PH posted above, Azzaro, Givenchy Gentlemen...


But I've yet to make a single purchase, as I'm not willing to buy regular bottles at this point. 3.3 or 1.7 oz is really a lot of juice, even for someone like me whose skin murders the sillage and longevity of most non-powerhouse scents. Sure, sometimes there are deals to be had, just dump what you can't use down the toilet... I guess.


I second the praise for Tom Ford grey vetiver, even if it's down to skin scent on me in only an hour. My skin seems to kill the longevity on a lot of scents.

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