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New acquisition: YSL la nuit de l'homme frozen cologne

This flanker of a flanker -- I can just picture all the Basenotes and NowSmellThis people quiver in horror upon hearing that! -- has long been discontinued by the time I made acquaintance and fell in love with it. But after a few months, a new 100ml bottle became available to me, so I was like zomgtehlordhathspokenyespweasegimmedat.


Smelling it in the comfort of my own home, it's somehow less impressive, but I think it reaffirms my love for this citrus-that-almost-smells-like-a-berry scent. I definitely have a weakness for bergamot. I aim to keep half a bottle for posterity and use half of it next summer.


I've also received decants of YSL Live Jazz, Jazz and Versace man eau fraiche. I really like Live Jazz but I wonder if I'm just drawn again to the citrus. 4711 might be my logical next step, even though I'm like hmmYSLisanicehouseishudtryBodyKouros :P

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All I have is Hugo Boss Orange, Calvin Klein Crave and TruthTruth.
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Does anyone like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver ?

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Guerlain Homme

L'instant De Guerlain Eau Extreme


Both fragrances are nice.  And just out of curiosity, there is a Green Irish Tweed by Creed on the way.  

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i really like it. It's all just a mood thing for me. I don't replace most of them when they run out. Don't even have any real favorites. Whatever my girlfriend likes, I like! thanks for your sharing.


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She's an idiot! The guy I would most believe and has come closest to how I would judge/rate them (daily wear reasonable picks) is this one: 


I wear 3 or 4 of these myself and can't or won't spend (T.Ford/Creed) money for everyday scents anyway. Those are rare and only worn on the most special of occasions. No doubt Creed has the best scents made but you pay a price to wear a Rolls Royce:blink:

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That guy has Creed fragrances too.  :D

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True because IMHO Creed is the best there is (Mind you this is just my opinion);)


If you were to want my top 12 this is what you would get however I'm not going online with a youtube video:blink: LOL


Everyday Scents:


Rochas Man


Thierry Mugler Pure Malt/Havane


Emporio Armani


Bvlgari Black


Armani Original


L’Instant De Guerlain


Dior Intense


La Nuit De L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent


Spicebomb Viktor & Rolf



Top Shelf/Rare Occasions:


Creed Aventus

             Millesime Imperial





Tom Ford Noir De Noir Private Select


Channel Allure Pour Homme

                  Allure Sport Extreme

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I guess she didn't like Lynx.
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Green Irish Tweed (GIT) by Creed reminds me of Cool Water by Davidoff.  However GIT is less harsh on the nose and it doesn't smell synthetic compared to Cool Water.  

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Channel Allure Homme doesn't last long.  The scent is more on the feminine side after two hours.  

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I was surprised how many gals still like Old Spice aftershave.

Still many gals don't like strong Cologne. The lighter the better. Even some really nice underarm deodorant can suffice most of the time for gals.
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Creed Aventus and Royal Oud are my go to fragrances. 


Oh and if you are looking to sample these check out


I typically don't endorse any sites, but that shop not only has practically every fragrance, freebies in orders, and outstanding customer service.

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I will have to try Creed Aventus and Creed Original Vetiver one day.  

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