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Chrome is nice, although the cognoscenti don't seem to like it so much. Chicks seem to dig it.
My main cologne is Cartier Declaration, which again has some mixed reviews but seems to work for me. Nice and light. Also have and wear Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Creed Green Irish Tweed, and Terre D'Hermes on occasion, in that order.

Out of the three I use, girls by far love the Givenchy Gold Pi the most

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I'm a huge fan of fragrances, as much as I am of audio (that's slowly changing) biggrin.gif,instead of listing one or two I'll do something that we call a starting lineup/ what do you wear for each ocasion, I'm stoked to find this thread here :P


Signature scent (what you use most, describes you best): Chanel Platinum Egoiste/ Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche


Work scent (I'll list school scent): Platinum Egoiste


Night out/ date: Dior Homme Intense


Upper Class: Dior Homme/ E.B/P.E


daring scent: Guerlain Shalimar (I'm a male teenager)


Meditative scent (I'm making this one up lol) :Lush beathe of God


overall favorites: Serge Lutens Chergui and Hermes Ambre Narguile

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I picked up some Royall Bay Rhum and it is probably my favourite fragrance to date. It reminds me of cloves (that the best i can describe it)

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I also quite enjoy Chrome :P


My latest acquisition is the Banana Republic Classic.  Yep, I really really really like my citrus scents - but not the Hermes eau d'orange verte, which is just too "literally" orange.

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My girlfriend loves this on me...and it turns female heads all the time it seems:  Terre D'Hermes


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HUUUGE Basenoter here. I've taken a pause for the cause though to enjoy what I have.  Right now, it's Monsieur de Givenchy and L'Air du Desert Marocain as my MVPs. 

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Polo Double Black

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Thread bump and small talk: I acquired the original (non-platinum) Chanel Egoiste as my main scent.


Wanting something that smells expensive, and half-eyeing the controversial Bleu de Chanel,  I had the opportunity to go down to a duty free store and sampled 20, maybe 30 scents. The Egoiste was the only one that didn't fade after an afternoon.


Contenders that almost made it:

YSL's La Nuit de l`Homme Frozen Cologne (out of production)

Lacoste L12.12 Noir (too much iso E super when I've got a bottle at home)

Mont Blanc Legend (A&F Fierce, Egoiste Platinum smellalike; cheap)

Baldessarini Secret Mission

Chanel Pour Monsieur


You can see I'm in a period in life, where I'm solely into the mainstream/sports scents that would make the skin of certain "perfumistas" crawl. I got tired of living by other people's words :basshead:


I bought my Egoiste at a Chanel counter for full retail but it was a good deal after all, cause afterwards I saw Aveda hawking their cologne @ half the bottle size for the same price :O 

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Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille is by far my favourite, but the gf doesn't much like it :(

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Originally Posted by feverfive View Post

My girlfriend loves this on me...and it turns female heads all the time it seems:  Terre D'Hermes



Loving this one as well!

As well as YSL La Nuit de l'Homme

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any penhaligons fans here ?

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Originally Posted by Aevum View Post

any penhaligons fans here ?


I've wanted to try one of theirs, which one do you have?

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castille and LP9

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CREEDS: by Order!



Millesime Imperial


Green Irish Tweed

Tabarome Millesime 


Bois Du Portugal

Silver Mountain Water




The women will adore you in any of these fragrances and you will be surprised just how many men ask you what your wearing:eek: All the Creeds are nice however I personally tend to stay away from the overly sweet/floral ones:rolleyes: 


Don't be scared and buy them in the 17oz. Flacon:wink_face: Trust me though I'm a 1.0oz. guy 99% of the time, lucky if I ever get a 2.5oz. and have obviously robbed a bank if I get a 4.0oz'er:blink: LOL I could literally drop a full race engine into my car for what those ten bottle in a large Flacon would set you back:veryevil: But hey it's only money right:beerchug:

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I'm going to try Jean Paul Guerlain's range after watching BBC documentary on perfume.  :evil:

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