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An ex-girlfriend of mine gave a me some Obsession by CK back in 92' and been a fan ever since, and also for some reason the cheapie Canoe by Dana always stayed near and dear to heart.
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Originally Posted by MadDog5145 View Post
Terre D'Hermes for me
me too.
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Individuel by Mont Blanc reminds me of my first trip to another city, it was liberating. May be it's time to go again.

I noticed that Armani Code and Acqua Di Gio have risen in price. The shops here don't offer huge discount and not on ebay either.
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Dsquared2 He Wood it's perfect for me now... :)

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Now, I'm trying these:                                                                                                    

A Picnic in Arkham: Cthulhu and Arkham


And testers:

"How Doth The Little Crocodile"

"The Lion"


"Penny Dreadful"


"Follow Me Boy"


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Belle Ami-Hermes...bought a 100ml and is it ending.  heavy tobacco, spices, intoxicating, heavy and yet, it settles into a very robust, yet sensual smell.

Lanvin Homme...from 2004.  Light, sophisticated, fresh.  Contemporary cologne.  Almost ending.

Acqua di Dio...had, interesting at first, yet, the smell becomes quite tiring after a couple of hours.  Passe.  Armani spent $$$$$ to develop and market it and it was not up to snuff.

Drakkar Noir- 80s scent, classic.  


From all the ones I have and tried, Belle Ami stands up as one that I cannot get tired off.  


Most likely will try 

Creed Vetiver (need to purchase it online) 

Frederic Malle...there is a store here in NYC.  Will try the one that has been mentioned.

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I only use 2 colognes now: The Armani Code and Polo Black.


You can't beat the classics

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Taylor of Old Bond Street - Sandalwood scent. 


I use this scent in my shaving cream and my cologne.  great scent

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I have a ridiculous amount, but it's mainly because I get them as gifts and use them sparingly, so they last ages. Currently there's two groups, the ones I'd keep using:


Boss (the original one) - Hugo Boss

Polo Sport - Ralph Lauren

Ultraviolet - Paco Raban

Play - Givenchy

Irresistable - Givenchy

L'ea de Issey - Issey Miyake


...and the ones that are nice but I wouldn't buy again:



Lacoste Red

Cool Water - Davidoff

Blue Jeans - Versache


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Versace Man is by far the best cologne I have used.

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Originally Posted by Zarathustra19 View Post

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Sandalwood scent. 


I use this scent in my shaving cream and my cologne.  great scent

I expected to see a lot of things on this thread, but not Taylor of Old Bond Street. You have good taste, sir. Have you tried anything out of Castle Forbes?


I honestly don't understand how most of the fragrances listed in this thread can be interpreted as pleasant or appealing. If you really want smell nice, or stand out from the crowd, go to a real perfumery and select something that compliments your body's chemistry. A ten minute read can enlighten just about anyone on how most of these "Designer" brands just take an extremely simple formula, alter it slightly, repackage it, and sell it as their own. Custom colognes can made at the same price, or even cheaper, than the ones at the retail store.



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My latest acquisiton is the Lalique Encre Noire.  Because I actually had to buy it unsniffed, I went out and sampled a few other vetiver scents, like the Chanel Sycamore... the window shopping made me realize I like my colognes, so I'm now giving up several gadget purchases, so I can acquire a few bottles of scent.


I like vetiver, it calms me down like it's nobody's business (irony much?), and In theory I can just buy vetiver essential oil and be done with it, and this is the question I carried on my day out. But first, vetiver essential oil is very heavy and often refuses to mix with other oils in a homemade concoction. And second, it's usually just one of many notes in a scent, even when it's the main character, so there can be room for different kinds of vetiver. So I decided to pay over 3x the price and look for a vetiver scent. 



Encre Noire is very nice for its stark, unbridled vetiver with no pompous "bouquet" to speak of, and so it does satisfy my hunger for something unusual, off-kilter and "sober." Since my reference is the essential oil, to me it also feels rather refined and not depressingly stark (as someone would coming from a sea of regular classics). It'll probably become my signature scent for a while, until I find something new to obsess over. biggrin.gif


I'm a bit embarassed to say that, for some reason, this is also the first scent where my nose can properly detect a sense of the scent developing/unfurling over time. With a lot of other scents my nose seem to get overwhelmed at first sniff, and I often can't smell anything but the overbearing note until very late... ugh! :P


I've got budget for another couple bottles, one of them will probably be Eau Sauvage or a Hermes concoction. Just two weeks ago I was going to spring for an iPhone, and use Jovan Musk+Axe for the next five years... funny how "the heart wants what it wants" plays out.


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Nenuco or Clinique Happy


i just grew up with baby cologne, it never occurred to me till my sister had a baby that in the UK no one actually uses baby cologne, makes the Nenuco a bugger to actually find

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I don't always use cologne, but when I do I use Calvin Klein One, Calvin Klein Free, or Nautica Voyage.  All three are good, but CK One is definitely my go to. 

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