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Explorer - daily wear
Black - daily wear
Safari - for evening wear (my personal favourite)

Armani Code - evening wear
Perry Ellis 360 blue - friday nights
Bvlgari Aqva - weekends

Dunhill Desire for late nights :P
Burberry by Burberry for special occasions

I think I'm set for the next couple of years :P
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I have crazy sensitive skin, therefore I'm very limited in my choice of scent. Fortunately, there are a few I can use. Some products by Marco Polo work for me, and so far all Davidoff products I tried have worked for me.
Davidoff Adventure is my current scent of choice (my wife goes ape**** over it, she loves the scent :P). Another good thing, it's pretty affordable too.
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Real men wear Skin Bracer.

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This is what I use:

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Special Edition
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue
Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer
Armani Black Code
Ferrari Black
Swiss Army
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Escada Magnetism
Ferrari Black
cK Euphoria
Lacoste Elegance
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Sounds like a good way to sample the niche and classic stuff without forking out $100+ upfront. I should probably give it a try...
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Got some Burberry Touch when it was on sale on Amazon a few days ago. Blind buy, but I've only read heaps of good reviews before I pulled the trigger.
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Terre D'Hermes for me
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The only cologne I will wear is Pi by Givenchy. Not the Pi Neo, the regular Pi, with the yellowish/brown color.

Every woman I've ever been close to adores the smell on me, and I'm a firm believer in a man having a signature scent. Find something that works, and never wear anything else.

That being said, people respond differently to colognes. What smells good on one person won't smell good on another. Take a shower, don't wear any scent, walk into a place that sells cologne, get a couple quick first impressions of stuff, and ask to be hit with a sample of it. Wear it for a couple hours, do the rest of your mall shopping, meet up with a lady friend and give her a hug.

If she reacts positively, chances are you've got a winner. Now go back to that perfume counter and buy the biggest bottle of the stuff you can find!
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My must wears:

Givenchy Gentleman (old formulation, haven't tried the new)
Paco Rabanne Black XS
Richard James Savile Row
Azzaro Pour Homme

Used to love Eau Sauvage back in the day - must give it a whirl sometime.
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El Capitan, produced by Hove Parfumeur in New Orleans. Fairly priced, and you know you're wearing something pretty unique.

Products for the Man
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Another obscure - but excellent - cologne I've been wearing is Alt-Innsbruck. It is menthol and tobacco. It doesn't smell like smoke, it smells like freshly picked drying tobacco leaves. The menthol is prevalent on application and dry down, but fades quickly leaving a beautiful tobacco scent. Further, you can get Alt-Innsbruck at West Coast Shaving for about $28. It's a bargain.

I haven't tried it yet, but am close to pulling the trigger on a bottle of Czech & Speake 88. Great reports and it sounds like something I would enjoy.
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i picked up a bottle of eucris from GFT, i guess it just dosnt mix with me, dies quick,
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I do not use cologne. The smell of soap, aftershave and such are enough. Most colognes irritate my skin. So, you better find a aftershave with a cooling scent.
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