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got a bottle of L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme For Men today.
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Calvin Klein Escape is good.
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Comme des Garcons 2 Man

Because of Chandler Burr and his "transcendent" review in the New York Times, last year and two days before Christmas, I went to Barney's New York and purchased Comme des Garcons 2 Man. Not since Jil Sander originally released her mens perfume, Feeling Man, in 1989, have I found a scent I can call my own. Unfortunately, Jil Sander has discontinued her perfume, her company at one point bought out by Prada. So for 15 years I have been but a fish caught in the net of an empty wind. Aimlessly spritzing followed by spitting; scaled and gutted. No more. Comme des Garcons 2 Man. A perfect perfume? Yes. For $60? Most definitely. Price no object, it truly is intoxicating and a masterpiece. Strike a match and light a waxed saddle on fire, throw in a tumble weed, some eucalyptus, cedar, sandalwood, and what the hell, add a gallon of gasoline. Then grab a Single Malt Scotch and get drunk on the smoke. By the time you pass out, you'll find yourself inside of a Byzantine Mosque. Believe me.

New York Times Magazine, Holiday 2007 issue
by the New York Times' Perfume Critic- Chandler Burr:

I must admit, with some unease, my initial obtuseness toward Comme des Garçons 2 Man, one of the 10 greatest works of perfumery art in the world. The perfumer Mark Buxton built the upper decks of this sleekest of vessels out of C11 ISO, a synthetic molecule that smells of clean pressed fire, if you can imagine such a thing; the pine-scented synthetic C12 MNA; and a high-quality natural Haitian vetiver that smells like dust on jungle trees. But the hull is frankincense from Oman, an incense cool as cream, warm as onion-skin stationery, glossy and slick as a traffic light in the rain. This technically flawless perfume (it diffuses like radium) smells more beautiful than one can say, like a perfect chord in an empty echo chamber. Herodotus warned that frankincense was dangerous to harvest because poisonous snakes lived in the Arabian trees that contained it, and I do believe my first reaction to 2 Man was, in part, fear. This perfume is not just extraordinary. It is perfect.
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Only have a few colognes.
But my favorites are Polo Black and Lacoste Essential.
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I use Aqua di Gio in combination with the use of my Gillette aftershave balm. It makes for a nice scent and smooth skin.
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I'm using the CK be black right now. Versace pour homme will next in my list.
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Been using rochas man lately, lots of compliments, and it lasts forever.
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I hope I am not being too forward here but when people list their favorite colognes, can you please explain WHY they are your favorite? I am reading this thread and I can't even imagine that these comments are by same people who write novels about headphones.
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Aqua di gio for everything. It might be overrated and common but it works.
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Polo Black is my 'everyday' really love the youth scent of it, most scents i try just seem like something a 40 year old man would wear (no offence.)

I have a bottle of Code too, dislike it.. can't really explain why. But I use that ocassionally simply to slowly empty it.
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CK Escape is good because of its fresh melon smell.

It's hard to describe Hugo Boss Baldessarini, the smell is a bit more complex, but there is a hint of sweetness to it.
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double post..
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I can't believe how many fi's head fi has!

Anyways here's what I have used:
Vert - i like it
Kenneth Cole Reaction - fruit loops
Burberry Brit - some dude at the gym stole it
Burberry London - too old for me
DKNY delicious - it's ok
Gap artist - too sweet

Versace - don't think it has a name. It's the blue one. I've been using this one since it came out. I love it. But I guess it's more for the summer because of the lightness?

Any suggestions for something stronger and suitable for someone that is young (er) ?
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I've been wearing aqua di parma colonia assoluta.

The lemony citrus of the top is refreshing and it slowly wears down into a clean and light smell with a tiny bits of floral and spice that still remains warm and comforting. My wife and I went on a smelling trip to a place with a good selection of fragrances and basically tried a number of scents almost blind. The Colonia assoluta and the clive christian 1872 stood out for me at the time because of the topnotes. Turns out the 1872 doesn't wear as well on my skin and goes a bit more soapy and feminine that I would like, maybe I could learn to like it but not at the price it goes for.

I don't think the colonia asoluta is the only thing I'll ever wear but I like it in all it's stages of wearing and I think it suits me.
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Eternity and Eternity Summer on rotation. Eternity is balanced, smooth, and not overpowering. Summer is very light, slightly citrus.
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