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I love Armani Code it makes me feel seductive
And women love it.
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Original RL in green bottle
Hugo Boss
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Hugo Boss
cK One
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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue -- I like it, anyway. Have only received comments from women a few times but it was mostly positive. Except for my best friend's girlfriend who said "man it stinks in here!" when the three of us were in a car together. But she wears grandma clothes and thinks it's indie.
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Baldessarini by Hugo Boss is unique.

Individuel by Mont Blanc is nice.

L'eau D'issey By Issey Miyake is not bad.
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My favorite:
Giorgio Armani -Acqua Di Gio
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Benetton Sport, Benetton Pure Sport, Benetton B.United, Clinique Happy.

edit: L'Occitane, only for very special occasions
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I don't buy colognes that often but I found chanel allure homme sport a while back and have been a big fan ever since. It works for formal occasions and out during the day.
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Also, I think colognes are about the next hardest thing I can imagine for people to discuss and compare, right after headphones and audio.
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I never use to wear cologne, but on a trip back from Mauritius my wife was in the "have to buy something at duty free" mood. She grabbed CK Crave, but then discovered it was a man's fragrance. To be kind and make her feel like she didn't waste dough, I decided I'll just buy it from her.

Been using it ever since.

But Crave is apparently out of production. I can't find it anywhere. My sister is bringing back some from the USA in 2 weeks time. Don't know where she got it.

This stuff is a hit with the ladies and a potential troublemaker.

For those who have, where'd you get it?
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
My favorite:
Giorgio Armani -Acqua Di Gio
OMG! I hate this stuff. I have a bottle of it, unfortunately. I don't know if I got a bad mix (can that happen?), but I find it has a very unnerving scent, with a sharp, almost chemical edge to it, that gets worse throughout the day. I thought maybe I just had a bad reaction to the smell, but I asked a few people how it smelled on me to them, and basically got the same kind of response.

Now I use Bvlgari Black. I love this stuff. Not only is it cheaper, but it smells amazing! And the smell does change as the day progresses, but its entire spectrum is extremely good. The smell is like vanilla/musk/rubber? I don't know, I can't explain it. But I really like it, and so do the ladies.

Also, it's not too common, which is a plus.

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I have a few, but have mostly settled on Caswell Massey Number Six for daily wear. It's a classic and has been around since 1752. I liked it alright when it arrived, but it's grown on me. Not many people seem to wear it, so you'll stand out.

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I just bought a bottle of Baldessarini for half price.
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Originally Posted by Aevum View Post
Dont want to show off, but

I raise you, excluding the duplicate bottles to ensure I have plenty of stock of my faves re burberry weekend, paul smith extreme, davidoff cool water.

agree with leoftw though JPG stinks.

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i´ve actually added to the collection a bottle of Acqua di parma colonia, Floris Elite and 89, Chanel Egoist, and the original CK one,
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