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Yes...My Canv2 has to be on for a few days before it sounds any better than the headphone jack on my CD player.
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thanks for the tutorial Nik! Very cool site too...
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Hey, cool, my name in print!

Hey, thanks for the credit, but you didn't have to...:") :blushy:

I especially liked the part where you told us how much to spend on the metric hex nut set (you did say metric, did you not?), having recently lost my 3mm, I was just thinking it would be nice to have some guidance as to where and how much is the cheapest replacement...
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Metric hex wrenches... got it.

Isn't Target the best?
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My Canv2 has to be on for a few days before it sounds any better than the headphone jack on my CD player
I find no further difference after an hours warmup. Once the unit is warm, it doesn't get any warmer and the sound stays about the same, to me anyway. Perhaps it might vary depending on what tubes are used.
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Ditto that.

The basic characteristics of a tube roll can be adequately determined after only an hour or two. The sound may improve if they are left running for longer than that... but not by very much. Usually, the additional improvement is only a matter of perception.

This may be hi-fi heresy, but aside from a few products (esp. Lowther drivers), I believe "break-in" is vastly overrated. Cables, tubes, and such require far less time than do speakers. If you don't like what you are hearing within an hour or two, chances are you won't like it later.

This is what my experience has been... your mileage may vary.
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I may have overreacted in the above post concerning the tube swap. Yes, the midrange is a bit subdued... but upon a second listen the overall sound is much more interesting and less fatiguing than when using the stock JAN/Philips tubes.

Believe what everyone says. The stock tubes suck. Replace 'em.
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My X-Cans had Jan/Philips 6922 tubes, and I replaced them with a pair of Valvos. There is a difference (I think), I'm just not sure what, since you obviously cannot A/B the sound of the tubes, you have to rely on memory, but I do sense an improvement. I find the X-Cans to be detailed in the midrange, yet there is this kind of "fog/ greyness" lurking in the background, and the bass lacks authority and firmness. The Grado RA-1 is much more transparent, and is also more detailed in the bass range.
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Well done man.
Thanks for the pictures. As a X-Can V2 user who still conteplates on a tube roll this is very helfull.
Besides, can the pictures be enlarged? I couldn't do it from Netscape.
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You are welcome. The pictures do not enlarge... but is that really necessary?

Triode put their Tesla tubes on temporary hold just after I ordered them. Dang! Now I'll have to wait a week or two. At least I'll have a crack at the Sovteks this week. I don't expect the Sovteks to sound better than the Reflector Technologies Russian tubes I bought from Kevin... but I'm too curious NOT to try them out anyway. Help!! I'm getting tube rolling addiction!!


P.S. The more I read about Tesla tubes (now JJ Electronics), the more I want to try them out. Tons of positive feedback about them. NOS tubes are soon to be history, folks. There are not many left... and the ones that do remain are too $pendy. When they finally disappear in a year or two, only new production stuff will be left. We should hunt down numero uno and support them!
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By the way, blr...

Roll those puppies!!! The stock Jan/Philips tubes are truly mediocre. Order thyself a matched pair of JJ Electronics 6922's. It's the cheapest way to try what *thus far* appears to be the best current production 6922.
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I was considering JJ for a tube source for my X-CanV2. They're much cheaper than any NOS on the net, and as you said received good reviews. The only thing preventing me from ordering is that I'll be going to Germany soon and I'm hoping to find these legendary Siemens and Telefunken NOS much cheaper there.
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I have updated the X-CANS page at www.nikolai.org/misc/xcans/index.htm with lots of detailed shots of the interior circuit boards. The link is at the bottom of the page.
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Check that link again... I rolled Uncle Ned's Sovtek 6922's and have posted my impressions in detail.
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Originally posted by Nikolai Dot Org
Check that link again... I rolled Uncle Ned's Sovtek 6922's and have posted my impressions in detail.
Sorry to continue this thread...

How exactly do the Sovtek compare in your IMO to the stock Philips? I thought they were almost the same. I'm considering getting a couple of pairs for backup or for in case I sell the Can.

As long as the bass is atleast a little better(tighter & deeper) and it isn't as shrill in the upper mids then I would get some.

Also, have you compared the stocks or Soveks to the JJ yet?

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