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I don't think I wanna spend that much money..
famous last words uttered by many here. if you're even thinking of one day upgrading...

i don't think anyone here has ever wanted to spend that kind of money, but a lot of them did.
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All we need now is a Head-Fi organized crime ring to support this habit. hmm.. perhaps I should become an audio equipment dealer - entice fellow students with tastes of hi-fi, then support my habit with their money - muhahah!

If I had the cash (or at least the crushed will that let me spend the cash) I'd buy a Max in a second - seems right up my alley. Unfortunately I don't have the cash and lower priced headroom items (ie: little) don't seem to hold up very well to similarly priced products.

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I think your safest/ most economical route would be to pm JMT, give him your requirements, and ask for a quote on a Meta 42.
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I was looking for an amp with similar qualities to what you are looking for too and I have decided to go with the Gilmore V.2. From the various impressions I have gathered the Gilmore has the speed, quickness, excellent bass qualities you find in good solid state but it's supposed to sound smooth, natural and has excellent spatial qualities as well. I heavily considered the Corda HA-2 (Kelly finds the PreHead nearly indistinguishible from the Gilmore and Jan Meier says the Prehead and HA-2 are nearly indistinguishable) but I liked the features of the Gilmore better with the dual inputs and ability to act as a preamp as I intend to use it with a pair of tube amps and speakers. The HA-2 has the x-feed however, but the dual inputs and preamp capabilities won me over in this regard (not to mention it's over $200 cheaper!). I'll be using the Gilmore with HD600's/Cardas.
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Re: FUN Amp for HD600's!

Originally posted by dd3mon

My top priorities for an amp are:
-Great Bass (my current source offers very little of this )
-Vocals/Midrange (full sounding)
-Ultra-Detailed throughout the range, but not bright, thin or harsh at the top end.

EDIT: In general I'm looking for an amp that sounds like it has alot of power! A big, strong, clear amp that will show my cans who's boss!
AudioValve RKV believe me.
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Just an update, I have finally purchased an amp! I took a great deal on an MG-Head from the for sale forum, I can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks for all your advice, I'm still very interested in some great solid-state amps - but I need some time to let my wallet catch up with me.

Next on the upgrade list (perhaps further down the road due to fund limitations) is tube upgrades for the MG-Head and possibly cable upgrades for the 600's.

Thanks again,

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Very cool! I think you will be pleased to say the least. I am curious as to how good it will be paired up with the M-audio.. As i am planning on getting this card soon. Let us know!
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