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Beautiful Sony Ear Receiver of Yesterday...

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-30C outside weather makes staying home kinda boring so here are more pictures that I've came across...

The Sony MDR-E484

Sony MDR-E282

Sony MDR-E747

Sony MDR-E565
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Sony MDR-484

Sony MDR-E262

Sony MDR-E282

Sony MDR-E575
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NONE of them work
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Sony MDR-E484
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oooh, i seem to remember using some earphones looking like the e484s u've got pictured when i was a kid.

they were my dads and i used to borrow em. must see if hes got them lying about still!

how was the sound outta them? i cant remember..

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I used to have 555,464 and 484. 484 was the best but i also like the plain design on 464.
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dont have them up at uni. but just asked my sis at home. they are e464

cant wait til next weekend wen i go home, can try them out.

wat do they sound like?
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The E282 must sounds great. I used to listen to them once, and to my ears, they sharesmany characteristics with the E484. They has good presentation of upper frequencies; however, I found it a little bit lack in bass response.

Sony MDR-E565 was given to me by my brother. E565 has a very big bass duct. They sound very smooth, but has very roll off high. The 565 probably has the heaviest bass on all sony earbuds. The 565 was a standard headphone on the one and only Sony Portable DAT Player. (can't remember the number)

Sony MDR-E555 is a little brother of the 565. The sound quality on this is a bit thin, and lack in punch. I remember that they has great high quality treble.

Sony MDR-E747 is a gold version of Sony MDR-E741. The sound quality is about on par or a tad better than Sony MDR-E848. My sister lost this E747...oh well ....
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Hey what's the go with the E484's thread at the top of the plug? Is that to go into a special h/phone jack on sony gear?
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Only the last to pics work

This is the url to the first pic:


Does it link to the right place, I mean do you know that place?
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Originally posted by IZCool
Hey what's the go with the E484's thread at the top of the plug? Is that to go into a special h/phone jack on sony gear?
I think it may be a far eastern 'plug type'...

On Krayzies thread about the Aiwa 'phones, I noticed exactly the same thing

I've never seen any earbuds in the UK with that type of connection?!
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Humm, all the pics work fine for me... maybe it's just a slow connection or something...

The thread on the plug? Just look at your big headphones some of them come with one too... It allows you to screw on a bigger plug for use with bigger hi-fi equipment... I guess it's less common nowadays as everything seems to come with mini-plug instead of the bigger variant... My old hi-fi and tape deck come with those big outlets...
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I'm guessing that those pictures are based on a bulletin board pretty much the same as head-fi??

I tried to copy a couple of the links into my address bar, and it then came up in (presumably Japanese) a language I can't understand, but it looks similar to the Head-Fi 'You Are Not Logged In' screen...

I wanna see those 282s too... Myself and Purk were having a discussion about earphones the other week... and i'm pretty sure I had a pair of E282s... in a pearlescent finish...
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Try these links to sign-up... They are based on phpbb or vbulliten so it's all the same even if the words are all Chinese to you hehe pun intended...



I'm still at home waiting for the parcel to come... but I guess the blizzard probably played a role since nothing is here yet still...

I've finally replaced my MDR-V7 left hanger and earpads today, almost a decade since I've used these cans without having to worry about the superglue not holding up... Anyhow, I found out from the parts packaging that the V7 shares earpads with the 7506 and V6, while shares the hanger with: get this, MDR-CD900ST and MDR-CD900CBS... Humm, I guess the latter model is indeed for Sony Studio use only...

Now if only I can figure out why the treble is so overly bright with the V7... I never seemed to have noticed that before...
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According to your statement, your V7 might be a good match w/ a beyer pads. Anyway, don't forget to give us an insight of the E484. I'm enjoying my CD3000 right now.

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