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Headphone brand demograpics by age group

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I'm just curious - are these kind of generalizations possible?

For example;

Younger people will favor Grados for the punch, or IEM's because they gew up with them. 30-somethings might go more for Beyer's or Senn's, 40's and older maybe Senn or AKG.

I'm not trying to start any trouble here, honest. I suppose this should be a poll.
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I went with IEMs because just when I hit the "interest in cool high-tech stuff" age, the Shure/UE/Ety IEMs were spamming tech websites.
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FWIW... I'm 36 and prefer Grados, although there are times my HD580 puts a smile on my face.
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sweet...who needs a fountain of youth?
just slap on a pair of grados

i don't think a generalization is possible
what if i like my grados, sennheisers, and akg?
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i really don't know if you'd find any conclusive results from this...

i'm 19 and use beyers though. had senns before, but will probably stick with beyer and senn for the foreseeable future.
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Because headphone manufacturers cater to those people with all types of budgets, they can catch all demographics and therefore make more money. The only way I could see a pattern (albeit vague) would be in certain brand lines, such as the age of those that own the Super.fi 3/5 versus those that own the Triple.fi or custom monitors, although I believe there is a 15-year-old on Head-fi that owns a pair of Limewires. There is an exception to every "rule."

I hope this actually contributed to the discussion.
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Skullcandy is probably not aiming for the older crowd.
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I'm 17 and really like iem's along with the sound of beyer's and my audio technica es7
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21 and I enjoy Sennheisers.
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19 and have Beyers. I think that's a popular brand for our age group so far.

I also have Ety, Grado, Shure. But I mostly use the Beyers.
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Originally Posted by rxc View Post
Skullcandy is probably not aiming for the older crowd.
You do make a compelling argument there.
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24 and I have shure, beyer and tinnitis!
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Skullcandy for <18 ...Looks
Sony for <any age group...different models appeal to different people...provides cheap buds to..."Expensive" lookin headphones to non-head hi-fiers and its a name brand most ppl love :/

Senn & Beyer for most older/mature audience who know head-hifi

this obviously doesnt apply to every1...

im 21 and enjoying my DT770z
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PX100's, Grado's, and IEMs seem to be popular among my peers. (college students)

Personally, I'm 22, and Grado's are my favorite.
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22 here. Using akg(k701), beyers(dt770), shure(e500), recently sold my hd650s
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