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Well, I voted before I read the post. Oops.

I have about 450GB in my main PC, and another 500GB of RAID1 for my music collection and documents on my server. Do I get to count the RAID1 twice? :P
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If you had a YB of anything, thats like every song ever made in WAV uncompressed as well as the exact genetic makeup of every human or animal that has lived as well as a record of every atom and molecule in the universe.
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a paltry 500GB, though I'm running out of space...
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Two internal drives of 80GB and 300GB w/ two external drives of 500GB and 250GB capacity. Total = 1,130GB
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600GB it'll be enough for a while longer.
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250gb on the desk, 40 gb on the lap, 320gb on the external. Not nearly enough.
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A bit less than 1TB, counting desktop, laptop and DAPs ...
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I've got a single 400gb in my desktop, but I'm looking to get another internal drive and possibly an external to use that eSATA port I've got.
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80gb in the laptop and 320 gb in a external drive.
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250 gig on my computer, and 2 160 gb external network drives that i mostly use to back and archive stuff
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I have a 250 GB internal media drive, and two 36 GB raptors for my OS and apps. I also have a 250 GB external, but didn't take that into consideration as I don't really use (more of a backup).

I plan on grabbing a couple 500 GB drives and doing a RAID 1 setup, once I find a good PCI RAID controller.
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Originally Posted by GAD View Post


3) I bought the camera, not the MP. The camera just came with them.

Yep, bingo.

For me, shameless cropper that I am, the more MP, the better.
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80gb on notebook, 40gb portable HDD, 250 external (stationary).

I put music and movies, along with back up from my old computer(rip) on the 250 and I use the 40gb for back up on my notebook (important files).

Once my audio hobby comes to a stall I will add 500gb+ for another external.
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about 1300mb on my desktop at the moment, but if i had enough ports, and enough letters in the alphabet, i can probably push over 2tb with all my little thumbdrives and externals lying around...
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