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"Who's next" remaster cd review

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if you are a the who fan, you already know "Who's next", probably pretty well. i know i do, having listened to it hundreds of times over the last 20 years. i first owned it on tape, then cd, then i recently got the 1st decca release on vinyl (which was a revelation), and now on mca's 1995 remaster. this remaster sounds the closest to the decca vinyl version i have, and puts the 1st cd issue to shame (no great feat). the sound is warm, and the grain is gone from the treble & midrange. bass is smooth and extended, and details emerge from moon's drumming that are missing from the 1st cd issue. the stereo image seems wider in this version too, perhaps because the original tapes were "remixed & digitally remastered". i couldn't find any mention of the technology used in this remaster in the copious liner notes. as an extra bonus, there are 6 songs from the "Who's next" session included. fortunately the sound quality on the extras seems on par with the album proper.

i only hesitated buying this cd because i already had a great vinyl version, as well as my original 1980s issue. i got it for the extras, and discovered the sound quality of this remaster is more than enough reason to get it. ironically, with the advent of high-resolution digital sound i believe redbook mastering techniques have hit an all-time peak, as remasters like this one are released.

equipment used:
sony d777 discman line out
fostex mixer/headphone amp
sony cd1700 headphones

(c) 1995, 1971
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The re-master was done from a safety copy of the original tape. The (definitive) CD version you want is the Canadian MCA budget issue MCABD 37217 (still available). It was mastered in 1985 by Steve Hoffman (DCC gold discs) using the original master tape. It puts the Jon Astley re-master to shame.

There was a thread on this which I cannot seem to find.
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I have #37217 as well as the standard remastered CD, and a good vinyl version. #37217 is the only CD remastered from the original two track master, but I still like both CDs equally.
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I have the same version Red has, the 1995 Jon Astley remaster for MCA. I am not a huge Who fan, but this is one of the all time classics of rock, and sounds very good for its age.

Expanded liner notes/photos explains the cryptic cover photo,
seems the group were returning home from gig discussing the
Kubrick film 2001 Space Odyssey. While passing a slag heap
outside of Sheffield, they spotted this concrete monolith, made a quick stop and the rest is history.
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the group were returning home from gig discussing the
Kubrick film 2001 Space Odyssey.
it always comes back to stanley.

i think with all my versions of who's next, i'll stick with what i have. i like the extras and while i don't doubt the superiority of the hoffman remaster, i will reserve my next who's next purchase for sacd or dvda, or whatever high def remaster comes out.
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