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Originally Posted by carlineng View Post
Jecklin Floats are just about the hottest thing I can imagine a girl wearing.

One should note the indoor use of the portable Floats.
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post

One should note the indoor use of the portable Floats.
This is obviously a photo shopped image. No way someone that good looking would put those cans on her head AND let the photo be taken.
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i like girls with big cans
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I wore the 595s around but the 650s are just too bulky and I'd have to invest in a portable amp. I don't think portable use was what Sennheiser had in mind when they designed them.
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Originally Posted by MaloS View Post
Does ATH-W5000 count?
They just make it under the radar although keep to well lit areas.
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OK, this settles it. I'm going to go out with my 280 Pros on today.
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Big headphones go well with big sunglasses.
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Never had the balls to go out with the 280 Pros on. Sold 'em. I went out with my MS1s on today though. Man, do they ever leak/let in sound. They sound phenomenal at home though.
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Large headphones have become fashionable in the sense that they're considered "fashionable" if you wear it around your neck, and aren't actually listening to it; and not wearing a headphone isn't something I expect a head-fi'er to do!
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My Sony V6s have always been my winter ear muffs. I don't see too many people wearing large headphones here in NYC. Maybe I see 2 a day.
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This is how I see it, if you look good you're gonna look good in headphones. If you look bad then...Yeah.
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Originally Posted by ueyteuor View Post

Haha, we can learn a lot from these 2 pics.

Edit: And no, that's not me!
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I'm a bus / longboard commuter and I have to say...I love wearing my Grados out!


When I'm pumping through streets I can turn them down a tad and be fully aware of the bigger scarier things on the road.


When I'm on the bus I crank them up and enjoy. 



And who cares if you can hear my music anyway! Who knows, might be some good looking girls fav tune she overhears (haha...that'll be the day though. Seriously.)



EDIT: Wow I just totally Zombified this thread haha. Should have checked the dates before posting.

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You generally look like a tit wearing headphones in my hometown. But I see loads of people wearing headphones in Belfast.

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