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big headphones fashionable

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I see a lot of people say that big headphones are not portable because you will be laughed at... Does anyone here actually agree with me that big headphones are stylish. If I see a girl walking around campus with headphones (grados or whatever) on and not earbuds it is a major turn on. What are your thoughts on this?
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I'm still trying to work up the courage to wear the Floats on my journey to the lecture.
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Depends on location. In big cities and on college campuses, big headphones tend to earn hipster cred by indicating the wearer is a music hound; elsewhere, not so much. However, to get this credit, you must also dress like a hipster and be arguably youngish.

And per your mention of the girl-about-campus, in my experience girls wearing big headphones nearly always have complete junk. I guess it's part of the same cultural norm that keeps the gender balance in all hifi way off from 50:50. Not sure if there's much of a way to get past this.
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Big cans seem to be in fashion with kids in my area, but they seem to wear thier crappy headphones around their necks and blast it loud.
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not really . Most Grados aren't really big though. The only time i'll be seen in public with my A-T's is at a lan party .
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I think old skool looking phones like Sony V6 are more fashionable.
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I remember how many kids used to rock their fat cans after this video clip came out.

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I wear my W5000s everywhere.
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I have to say that in my smaller city (about 75-100k people), I'm noticing more and more folks walking, jogging, and cycling; wearing full-size cans.

I'm not sure if it's a fashion-statement or not, but I've approached a few (about 20 in the past 2-months) and asked them about their choice of using larger more traditional headphones, as opposed to other styles (such as streetstyle, or IEM's). Most frequent reply is: they sound better, and more like a good pair of speakers. Biggest problem, they feel; is that their portable devices don't have as much battery life, and they feel they have to pin the volume control to max. That's usually when I tell them about portable headphone amps...LOL!
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In my experience, the female students who wear large HPs are mostly... excessively educated.

So no, I don't think they're fashionable
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I sometimes wear my PROline 750's outside... and I don't think I attract much attention.
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yeh i always think headphones look bad ass.. the bigger the better, and if i see a girl wearing some fat headphones in public, it would turn me on big time
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Depends, big headphones and a small head don't mix.
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good looking gal.. period.. headphone no headphones..
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It usually doesn't change my opinion of the fashion choices of the girl wearing them, and more often reflects those choices in a negative way.
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