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Mysteek bought a Turbo Diabolous V11 from me. All the best a buyer can be. Excellent Head-fier. Recommended. Thank you Mysteek. Enjoy!!

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Mysteek bought my Xenos 1HA-EPC amp from me and the transaction was superb! Highly recommended. I miss the amp and hope it's being enjoyed. Thanks Mysteek!
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Daven bought my SR-325i's
Smooth transaction, fast pay, another great Head-Fier!
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Sold him SR60 a while ago but forgot to leave feedback.
He's really a nice person.
Glad to sell the headphones to him
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Bought a Xenos 1HA-EPC from him.

Transaction went smoothly, and product arrived after I came back from school about 4 days later, a pleasant surprise =)

A great, friendly guy as well, glad to have bought the amp from him, and am enjoying it now =)
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I didn't technically purchase from Mysteek, but I can attest to his worth at HeadFi because he watched my back before I went through a deal with a scammer on the FS forum. He also hunted down a bargain for me on the same exact cans I was anticipating to buy from the said scammer so big-ups to Mysteek

Thanks again,
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Mysteek bought my Maverick D1 DAC/preamp. I would agree that he is a passionate and excellent Head-fier, highly recommended. I miss the D1, and hope he enjoys it.
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