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Originally Posted by bigshot View Post
A reviewer should be an independent source that verifies or disproves the claims of the manufacturer. He works for the readers, not the magazine or its advertisers. Back in the day, reviewers fiercely protected their independence from the advertising side of the publications they wrote for.

It's a sign of our times that independent voices have been chopped down to mere entertainment. I was reading in the paper about Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS. Rather is a dirty clown compared to real journalists like Edward R. Murrow. Things like this make me ashamed of our culture. I demand more of the people whose job it is to bring us facts.

See ya
i disagree, but i respect your opinion. maybe Peter Aczel would be more up your alley. but i personally wouldn't equate the role of a hi-fi reviewer to that of a news journalist - one represents hobby and the other, as a collective, have a greater responsibilty in that what they say can have international ramifications and shape world views. our country is in a crisis now, sifting through lies and deceit for the truth is paramount and lives depend on it - we as citizens are entitled to that.

happy listening,
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Originally Posted by stevenkelby View Post
I know man, jeez where's your sense of humor!

Everyones umbilical cord falls off naturally, the last inch or two which they leave on anyway.

If you had an umbilical cord, as humans to date have had, then you have some kind of belly button. Unless it was surgically removed. Or god performed a miracle on your belly button.
But do umbilical cords benefit from burn-in? I am sure 6moons is going to have an answer to this.


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Originally Posted by Leporello View Post
But do umbilical cords benefit from burn-in?
I have seen no evidence to prove that they do. therefore, they absolutely do not.

And anyone who thinks any different is an idiot.

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