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RadioShack Pro35

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Im new here and would like to share some info. I just got a pair of the RadioShack Pro35 which i believe are the koss 35. After returning a pair of Sony MDR-G73LP which sucked so bad and couldnt fit on my head right, i went to radioshack and got a pair of there Pro 35. They sound great. They go for 40 dollars but are onsale for 20. But all in all they are great for the money and outbeat sonys street series. What do you all think?

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RadioShack Headphones

Awhile back when I was younger all I could afford were cheap speakers until I bought some 40.00 headphones and plugged them into a walkman I had been using with a 15watt amp and with 30watt speakers. It seemed to me like I was listening to expensive speakers. When I first saw star wars remastered in THX there were certain scenes 100 watt speakers couldn't handle that these headphones had no problem with. So I from then on I thought Radio Shack headphones were the greatest until I learned of others.
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Can you find/take a photo of em?
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afaik, the pro 35 are the koss ktx pro.

koss ktx pro:

rs pro 35:
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Here is the pic of the Pro 35 from RadioShack.
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Has anyone else tried these and what do you have to say on them? What would you reccomend on portable head phones?

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They sure don't look like the Koss ksc-35...
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I used to own a pair of these (until my cat decided the cable was a toy ).

They're actually very good headphones for the price if you get them on sale for $20. There aren't many better headphones for that price on the market. They sound a lot like the KSC-35/KSC-50 (someone once claimed they were the same driver as the KSC/porta line, but I haven't verified that).
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they are ok, but i think the pro 45 or the porta pro family are better. i believe mike walker said that his pair of pro 35's sounded the same as the porta pro. though in my experience they sound different.
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I bought them two weeks ago for $40 - I think they're fine headphones for that price range - To compare them to the stock headphones that came with my mp3/cd player is to say that they obliterate them in build quality, treble, bass etc.

In comparison to HD600's, the bass is muddy and violins don't sound like violins.

I let a female audition the HD600's vs. RadioShack Pro35's this weekend and she couldn't tell the difference.
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I have two pair of the PRO-25 ( discontinued) that look similiar,and for the price pretty unbeatable.One pair is my "music to go" primary cans,the other with leatherette pads stays hooked up at the computer.
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