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your "Average" lawnmower sold between 2000-2013 runs at 110db, a jet at 100 feet away is 150db, a chainsaw is 150db, 3 people having a "Normal" conversation at 3 feet is 30db, 6 people having a conversation at 6 feet is 60db, one of them airhorns you can buy at a sporting event for say 10 bucks is 150db...Now you know, and YES listening to music at 90db for 2 or 3 hours straight will make your ears ring for 2 days, Judas Priest was fined and sued in the 80's because his concerts were 150db for 3 hours...Imagine that!!, and in my town they passed a noise ordinance law of 90db, so Technicaly when i mow my yard i can get a ticket for disturbing the peace....Imagine That!!