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wow stax stand has a positive rating how does the AT one compare? banana holder? i am using MS1 and listen to mostly rock will there be incompatibility issues?
Today I went into a shop which have both the STAX HPS-2 headphone stand and the new ATH stand displayed.

The build quality of both is excellent but the whole wood construction of the STAX headphone gives a more robust feel, although when holding in my hands the ATH-HPS500 is actually heavier - most likely due to the think arcylic plate in between. I like the wood on the STAX stand more than that on the ATH, which looks like some polished ordinary wood. The STAX one looks like real teak and the grain is beautiful, although the grain is not matching on different piceces building up the stand (5 pieces altogether).

The retail price of the STAX is US$75 (but that includes shipping), and that of the ATH-HPS500 is US$62, while they are both the same price at AudioCubes / AudioCubes2.

I finally bought the STAX, which I figured will be slightly cheaper than ordering from AudioCubes2. The key reason to buy local is because the shop allows me to touch and inspect the stand and pick one from the stock of 4. This is something we cannot do at AudioCubes.

F. Lo
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This is which shop in Hong Kong?
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That is AV2000, at Tak Fat Mall, opposite to Michael's Audio.

F. Lo
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Tak Fat Mall is the underground one, isn't it? Will go there next time I'm in town.
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Yes, it is.

F. Lo
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