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I just got the PC version of Bioshock. Nice graphics and gameplay (still in early stage though).

But man, is it hard or not? I chose "hard" option and I think now I have to restart all over under "normal" cause it's just way too hard. The enemy is so accurate, and you are dead if you hit a few times, bullets are so scarce, all I can do is hack at the enemies who are shooting at me. And did I mention they can shoot so accurately? And you die if you get hit a few times?

Damn... Anyone can actually play and finish hard version? I think I'll be wise and restart while it's still early before I got too far and it becomes too frustratingly difficult..
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Much easier to take the "evil" route on hard. Play through on easy first when choosing to save the little sisters to get the good ending. Then be evil to get the other ending on hard.

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I haven't gotten to that option of being evil or good yet. But regardless of sides, all I know is 10 minutes through the game, I kept getting killed by mutant doctors and nurses who shoot like veteran snipers.

So maybe either normal or easy huh?

Damn when I just started the game, and you were taken into the city in the sea in that capsule thing and then it got stuck and you saw someone killing a person right in front of you and then he's trying to cut through your capsule, that scared the heck out of me, lol. I felt like a sitting duck there, trapped in a capsule with no weapon or anything at all and a maniac mutant is trying to get in... awesome

By the way, in the beginning of the game, is the strategy: stun (with shock) and then shoot? then repeat? For me that's the best way to not to get killed but the blue (whatever its called) finished so quickly.
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I'm playing it on Normal right now. As the game progresses, it does get easier. Once you start collecting ADAM, you can use it get health and EVE upgrades, which helps out considerably, and you will find many useful tonics along the way.

The Medical Center is pretty hard, and the first fight with a Big Daddy is harrowing. Yes, early on, the easiest strategy is to use Electro Bolt, then move in for a wrench attack, but it drains your EVE really fast. Early on, ammunition is scarce, and I would save as much as you can for the fights against Big Daddies. Going after one of those guys with a wrench is suicide.
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cant run it.,..
intro was great
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I played the demo, was going to pick it up, but I can see myself playing it once. I'd rather have the money still in my wallet.
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It's a great game, looks beautiful, and plays pretty well.. the atmosphere is great.

It's very hard on hard. I'm playing it on normal right now.. i'm at the stage with the research camera, but i'm not sure what to photograph.
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3 different kinds of splicers, I think. Thats where I am.
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It was ok... worth a rental but I'm glad I didn't buy it. Graphics were pretty good and there was some good gameplay but I towards the end I just wanted it to be finished. I found myself spending more time cycling through all my crap to find something to use on a certain enemy and getting my ass worked in the process. It also got old being in the dark so much but that's just my 2¢.
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I have the game for 360, played about 2 hours on easy. Its too easy and now I want to restart on normal or hard but if its really that hard on hard then I'll play normal.
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Can't you change the difficulty on the fly? I thought that was one of the selling points of the game.
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thats what I like about bioshock. none of the nancy easiest, easy, medium, hard, insane, nightmare level crap. 3 levels, easy, med, and hard. hard is actually hard, easy is very easy, and medium is perfect.
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played and finished on medium.

I found it to a lot easier by the mid-late game. Right around when you upgrade to electro-bolt2.

Restarting the game on hard.

"would you kindly..."
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Actually I just remember we can actually change difficulty level under option. I might actually just do that.

But yeah, the bullets are scarce (at least in the beginning). It's actually quite fun since realistically, you shouldn't get that many bullets anyway. Makes you to actually try to aim for a headshot, not just blasting randomly at anything that moves.
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Just finished it on hard on the PC.
I would say the way to go is melee (power up as such with speed/wrench stuff and make sure to use the camera and research for +++ damage), makes the game fairly easy. Yes it still will be tough in the beginning no way around that, but from 35% of the way on it was pretty easy since they were one to two hits where I could get two hits in before they even swung, to about the last two levels where they required more hits.
I had full ammo through the later part of the game, where at the end levels, even with powered up guns, they still took a lot to kill, it was easier and quicker just to bash them though they took more hits than at the midpoint.
The only things that you will have to deal with more closely are the Big Daddies. But once ammo isn't an issue this shouldnt be to big of a deal.

Actually not harvesting all the children might be easier since you get the hypnotize big daddy as a plasmid, which is handy but you will be handicapped a bit more in the beginning, and you get less eve at the end. Honestly, I didn't even end up needing all the eve, since I skipped buying some of the plasmids I wouldn't use.
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