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Wright Sound AU-215 Intergrated Amplifier

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I am very happy to sell Amp built with care by hand by audio engineer George Wright, at Wright Sound. I am offering the AU-215 Integrated Amp that I dont think is even for sale on Georges site. I choose this one because well it flat out rocks! nice touch with the mini and 1/4 headphone jacks on the front as well. If your looking for a ultra warm and lush sound that drives speakers AND is one of the best headphone amps I have heard in a very long time, this is it.

AU-215 Integrated Stereo Amplifier This is a new offering for Wright Sound Company, after careful design considerations, we now have a made in USA, no holes bared integrated 15-watt stereo amplifier. The AU-215 is designed for office, den or main listening room. The 215 are open, fast and extremely detailed with its pure sonic performance. This product will bring the performance into you presence with it's truly accurate resolution, you will hear deeper into the music than you thought possible. The 215 accepts standard analog inputs plus has inputs for MP3 and other portable audio devices, and has inputs on back for both RCA and 3.5mm stereo inputs for computer interfaces. The 1515 are rated at 15 watts per channel RMS with 24 watts musical power, using the EL84 vacuum tubes driven by ECC83/12AX7 line stages. Featuring high-grade audio Solen coupling caps. Using the Wright Triple C circuitry for the first line stage eliminates the Miller effect and allows more open operation. Combined with a Paraphrase splitter and driver allows for accurate push pull operation with low odd harmonics, with tube rectification makes this a fast detailed and dynamic performer. Tube amplification tends to help smooth out digital compressed music and allow the listeners to enjoy their music with less fatigue. Also with a speaker switch and two head phone jacks, one 3.5mm and one 1/4", you can enjoy the sound in your own privacy as well as sharing with friends and co-listeners. The 215 is designed for many trouble free years of service, it is plug and play with no adjustments needed ever. The 215 are self-biased and flexible for most any musical requirements for the serious listener. For customer controls it has the Input selector, the Stereo/Mono/Rev Stereo Mode selector, Main Volume. Left and right gain controls (for setting balance and output level for a wide range of speaker and listener requirements). Speaker off or on, Power switch. The 215 have five sets of inputs, two for either RCA or 3.5mm, two with RCA and number five input, which is a 3.5mm front mounted jack. The RCA inputs are deluxe rhodium plated. The 215 has speaker impedances of 4-8-16 ohms, rear selectable. Two headphone jacks for 3.5mm such as ear buds or the 1/4" jack for high impedance headphones are also provided. Designed and made in the US, this is an advanced all in one vacuum stereo system sure to please the serious music listener. Please email me for more info.
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Wright Sound AU-215 I

George Wright passed away August 21 following surgery. I was at the estate sale yesterday. I picked up the last production AU-215I integrated amp remaining in Wright’s inventory. Matched pairs JJ EL84 and JJ ECC83. Quietest tube amp I’ve ever encountered. I might sell it. It’s probably the last chance to get one minty fresh. The AU-215 I is the signature model sold only to dealers normally. It is a WIA1515 with Rhodium plated RCA connectors, a brass faceplate and better coupling caps and resistors. It normally goes for $1870. I needed one like a hole in the head but couldn’t resist a bargain. I also got an incomplete WHA-22 headphone amp which I have some hope of finishing. I had heard it earlier courtesy of George Wright and was most impressed with its sound. OTL triode out to cans and transformer coupled to speakers.
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I did not know that George has passed, this is very sad news. He was a very nice man, brilliant amp builder.

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