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IEM suggestions

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I am looking for an IEM for use with my iPhone. It doesn't need to fit the jack on the phone as I can use an adapter or make one myself, I'm just looking for great sound at a reasonable price. I'm looking for portability here so they'll be used unamped. My price range is less than $100.

I listen to mostly rock/alternative or jazz while I'm on the go. I also listen to some classical and electronica. I listen to other genres but not so much on the go. So what suggestions for good sound at a good price?
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im716's - $70-100 new
forums <$70
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There aren't many IEMs for $100 or less, so your options are pretty limited. The IM716s are pretty good for the price, I've heard
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Originally Posted by -=Germania=- View Post
im716's - $70-100 new
forums <$70
i'll second that recommendation. i didn't realize they could be had quite that cheap. they're worth it at 2-3x those prices. here's a couple of others to look into - the AT ck9 and the future sonics atrios m5 (or m8s). some searching on the headphone and fs forums should turn up some useful info for you.
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This is by far the most reputable seller online who has them.


Total : $87 including 3 day shipping.

One of the best deals in audio IMO!!

Also, I would use a set of Shure tips with these. They only come with the flanges, which is too much pressure for my ears. The Shure tips also allow you to have a higher comfort level and you have less of the earphone sticking out of your ears like plugs. I use the Shure clear flex tips (small).

Yeah, they also look like Shures when you change the tips!
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Well, e2c, super.fi 3 LIVE, et cetera. Neither of those are base heavy.
There's an ad to the right for the TriPorts for $79.99.

Your options are pretty wide open. V-moda makes iPhone friendly headphones. The Vibes are pretty sleek.

What type of sound signature are you looking for? Bass heavy, even, warm, cool?
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Well, based on your current phones (HD580, DT770, KSC75, K81DJ), you may be looking for a neutral to warm sounding set, no? If that's the case, maybe you could try some UM-1s? They're on the warm side of neutral, and slightly weak in the highs. They can be bought directly for ~100 or found in the FS section for <75, which is a great deal.
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I'm looking for a fairly neutral pair of IEMs. keep in mind that even though I'm primarily purchasing these for unamped use with my iPhone I'm sure they'll see quite a bit of use (if i like them) with my iPod or ZV:M and Tomahawk combo.

Just to list all my cans:
Senn HD580
AKG k271s
Grado SR225
Grado SR60 (modded, sound more like 125's with slightly less bass emphasis)
AKG k81dj
Beyer DT770 (leather pads help add more control over lows)
Koss ksc75's
JVC marshmallows

I really do have headphones that are kinda all over the place, but I'd be looking for something neutral, maybe slightly warm. I haven't tried the iPhone's headphone out yet so I'm not sure how it sounds, but I would guess it's slightly cold.

I think I would rather buy IEMs new... I'm fine with purchasing cans used, but the idea of IEMs that have been in someone else's ear... I know I can buy new tips, but that does add to the cost. Anyone have experience and/or advice with this?

I do like my marshmallows, but they don't give me a great fit so I'm looking for something that might fit better and offer superior sonics.
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Well I like the Ety ER-6i's. You said neutral, and they're definitely neutral IEM's. Also, even though you said it doesn't matter, the white version has a straight plug that should already fit the plug, which would save you some time and money. BTW, they're about $75.
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SE110 is made for iPhone. You don't need any adaptor..
And it sounds ok...
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Thanks for all the suggestions thus far. I've been looking at them and reading up on the forums and I think I'm going to rule out the im716's due to lack of replacement parts and the in-line volume control. I don't want to have to replace the cable as soon as I get them.

I've been thinking about trying the super.fi 3's as Radio Shack is closing out the live versions for $60 and some people have reported getting them for $50, plus there's a return policy so if I don't like them I can bring them right back, which appeals to me; especially on something like this where fit is a big deal.

I've also been considering the Ety ER-6i's. What's the drifference between the ER-6 and the ER6i.

No one has recommended any Jays, but I've seen lots of talk about them. Would they be worth considering?
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ER-6i have more bass response than the ER-6's. IMO, the ER-6i's have the perfect amount of bass when paired with an iPod on the Rock EQ. I do like the Super.fi 3's. The cord is replacable and they have a 2 year warranty.
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I love my er6i's They're definitely neutral, great separation, perfect base IMO. Great headphones for ~$80 shipped new. Comes with multiple tips to try and a nice little case
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The other main difference between the ER6 and ER6i is that the "i" has lower impedance (16 ohms vs 48 ohms) and slightly higher sensitivity (105db vs 97db). It was designed specifically for portable, un-amped use.

I love mine. They can get a good bit of sibilance at higher volumes, but isolation is good enough you never really should need to keep them playing that loud.
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The d-JAYS would fill the bill, if you could foot it. They are at the high end of what you're looking to spend, but are mounds better than anyting else mentioned here. They're the most neutral and balanced as well, which is nice for varying kinds of music. They excel at rock and jazz quite well, and I have enjoyed some trance which is around the same spectrum as electronica. The other nice thing is that in conjunction with the d-JAYS, since they have a short cable already (without the extension cable), the use of a cell phone microphone is quite easy. JAYS also makes that accessory for the iPhone. It's called m-JAYS. If you can fit the bill, that'd be my best recommendation.
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