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Sloppy Joe Sandwich
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German Brandy filled chocolates. Yummy!
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Hammonds Pretzels
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grey goose vodka
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Got some cave aged gruyere and emmentalier, going to make some fondue soon!

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I've been watching the member's lounge degenerate into a series of meaningless drivel threads that nobody reads. They just post in them. So I'm closing a bunch of them. Don't worry, you won't lose all of the posts that you've made in these sorts of threads. I wouldn't be that mean right before Christmas.

Please note, as well, that this is just my decision as an individual member/moderator who still likes being a member first and moderator second. It doesn't reflect the collective judgment of all (or any of the other) moderators, nor does it suggest that there will be any sort of "policy" or "rule" about these sorts of threads. It is, instead, just the way I feel about these threads which (of late) have really become noise pollution.

My fear is that if we allow the idle chit chat purposeless threads to proliferate we will be doing a disservice to our membership by dummying down the excellent content that this site has to offer. On the one hand, such threads do no harm, at least not individually. On the other hand, they cause (in my view and in the view of many other members based on the comments I've been reading of late) a general degradation of the overall quality of the site. We really don't want Head-Fi to become all fluff, or at least I don't want that result.

Sue me if you think I'm wrong, and my apologies (sincerely) to those who enjoy posting in these kinds of threads from time to time and find them to be both harmless and entertaining. All I'm trying to do at this precise moment is to sort of rein them in a bit. There is no reason to make more out of this than what I've suggested here. It's an individual decision made by a member/moderator that I hope you'll agree is being done with the interest of the site in mind.

Again, I don't want to be the Grinch, but at the same time I'd like to see the member's lounge start to regain its vigor again and these sorts of threads, in my opinion, are holding it back.

The "What are you listening to now..." thread and others that are more audio related are fine. I just don't think that people really care about what you're eating now, where you spent your last dollar, or when you had your last bowel movement.
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