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*******it Shure

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Haven't posted in this forum for a long time, but just thought I should share my ordeal with the rest of you:

I've been using the Shure SE210 for a couple of months without any problems. Today, I popped them in a little while after taking a shower (though I took care to dry out my ears first). A few minutes later, I tried to remove them.

The right one came out just fine. The left one also came out. But... something felt kind of funny. I looked at the left earbud to realize that the earphone sleeve (the black foam kind) was still lodged in my ear. It must have been the residual moisture that made it slip off the earphone.

As they are fairly small, and go in quite deep, it looks impossible to get out. I've been trying for half an hour with various kinds of tweezers, and it doesn't seem to do any good. I've also had a friend take a look at it, but they weren't able to do anything.

My only option now looks like going to a clinic in the morning and having a doctor extract it. This will make me late for work, cost me a copayment, and be a totally stupid waste of time over something so small, but I don't see any other good option.

So here's a warning to all Shure owners: NEVER, EVER use your Shure earphones if your ears are even remotely moist. And please make sure you have health insurance.

I'll update in the morning.
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Hope you'll be ok.
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Sorry about your unfortunate incedent. Thanks though for the heads up, I'll make sure to be more cautious with my Shures.
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Hope it all goes well. And I can feel your pain of having to go through the stupidity, although I've not experienced it exactly.
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Yeah, happened to me too, quick trip to the emergency room and it was out

in fact the doctor did it in the hallway right in front of the door to the waiting room.
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You are supposed to twist them out! i use my 420's in the jacuzzi, and its a hell of lot worse then what you had.

you may want to go to the emergency room..i wouldn't wait to get it out personally.

like i said this is all user error. twist them out!!

dude go to the doctor now..
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Push the right one in and call it even...

I have the same experience with silicon tips, but they are a lot easier to get out... bad luck
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Though I haven't had this happen to me, I noticed that the Shure tips I'm using on the ER-6is tend to 'want' to stay in my ears but thankfully twisting around while pulling out does the trick. I wouldn't want to experience what you did though and I certainly hope ensuring reasonably dry ear canals will help in that.


Edit: Actually, someone in the office today roughly pulled off my earbud just to grab my attention. I'll need to warn her NEVER to do that again, in case she does that when I'm wearing IEMs.
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hmm i stay away from the olives, i fear that ill get one stuck in my ears!
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Good luck!
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Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance View Post
hmm i stay away from the olives, i fear that ill get one stuck in my ears!
They do sound quite a bit better than the stock Ety tri-flanges though. I'm going to try the foam tips someday but I don't relish the prospect of not being able to clean and having to replace them sooner than the rubber tips.
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hmm, had that happen before but with silicone tips and i just used a mirror/friend and a good set of tweezers. If you or your friend doesn't have a steady hand then you may definetly want to go to the clinic/emerg room. Best of luck!
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Ooh, that's harsh. I've had this happen a couple times with the UM-2 (they don't have the ridge or raised part on the barrel so Shure black and yellow foamies fit pretty sloppy, until i put a bit of scotch tape onthe barrel). I remember the little Japanese earwax-spoon (which i remember head-fi people calling a mimikaki or something like that) did the extraction pretty well.

BTW, i was in a 7-11 in Chicago burbs last summer and i saw a kit with fingernail clipper, tweezers and the ear spoon for $3, something like that, so i got one.
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Pull the top of your ear as if you're puttting them in for the first time, and then try to tweeze them out, I'm had this happen w/ an Ety foam that was lodged pretty deep. If neccessary just tear the foam middle to break the suction and just q-tip the rest out.
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I've had that happen on occasion with the soft flex tips, and if you search the forums, you'll see that others have experienced it as well. It was easily solved with a pair of tweezers.
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