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UE Superfi 5 Pro to Triple.fi 10 Pro???

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I listen to a lot of jazz and rock unamped with my zune. I am currently loving my Superfi 5 Pro with the ES cable Mod. But recently I am gettin the upgraditis and I am thinking about selling off my Super.fi 5 Pro for a Triple.fi 10 Pro. Well,.. do you guys think it's worth the upgrade?? I listen to a lot of Modest Mouse, Secret Machine, Muse, Kings of Leon for rock and a lot of Mingus, T. Monk, Keith Jarrett, Miles, and Herbie for jazz at the moment. Would any TF user care to comment how much of an upgrade can I expect in sound if I get a TF10Pro? I am currently working in Taiwan and it's really difficult for me to find a pair of triple.fi to sample so your opinions are greatly valued and appreciated.

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both good but triple fi are a step up in every way
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thanx jinx

Anyone else care to comment on the improvement? How much improvement should I expect? Will I need a portable amp to really appreciate the difference? Or ampless will be fine? Can anyone also comment on the detail and clarity of triple.fi in comparison to the super.fi. Thanx!
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I own both and TF10Pro are in different league. It's ahows crystal clear details in highs which SF5Pro missing big time(when you hear you will feel the difference right away). Also mids and bass are better than SF5Pro and the main thing is imaging and instrument separition which makes TF10Pro are serious audiophile IEMs. It's best for both genre music you listen most but if you feel mids and bass have to be more prominent then download SRS WOW SANDBOX or DFX sound enhancement software and it will make TF10Pro even better.
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Yes, they are a definite step up in sound but beware of the fit. They are larger than SFP's and if you have difficulty with SFP fit you will surely have fit problems with TFP. This fit issue is usually the deal breaker for most people and what prompted me to choose SE530 instead. But nonetheless, TFP's sound darn good!!
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Where can I get them cheap?

Sounds great. You guys've really sold me... I love my Superfi now I can't imagine how I will feel towards triple.fi. But I am curious... where do you guys get yours from? UE? Amazon? Ebay? I see them retailed for $399 but can anyone recommend a reliable source for cheap?

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Oops....sorry, I see they are out of stock. Maybe UE direct?
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Is the price difference worth the quality?
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That is a very wrong question to ask on this forum.
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Why?? people who have both can tell me whether its worth twice the price of the Super.fi5.

Its only out of interest
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The Super.Fi 5 pro are a good earphone, but the Triple.Fi are a great earphone. I just sold my SF5 because I don't need them when I have the TF. I was one of the first to own the TF, and have loved it ever since I got it. It does a lot right, and very little wrong. It may not have the comfort of the Shure SE530, but it sure bests them in sound quality.
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Originally Posted by 1012007 View Post
Why?? people who have both can tell me whether its worth twice the price of the Super.fi5.

Its only out of interest
If you like IEMs and you have the money to spend on a hobby you like, then yes, it is worth twice the price. If those of us who own both didn't think so, we wouldn't own both. And I'm sure no one bought the SF5pro after they bought the TF10pro.
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Im glad that this thread is up. Initially before I got my sf5p about a month ago, i strongly thought of getting the tf10, but as it turns out, I like the sound of the sf5p enough that I dont feel I need to spend the extra cash on this sort of upgrade... I will just have to wait until my sf5p breaks, but even then I would consider replacing it with the same.
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you can try headroom.. thats where i bought mine..
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